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A cover-system endoscope comprises the main body of an endoscope and an endoscope cover assembly for covering the main body of the endoscope. The endoscope cover assembly includes a direction changing means such as a tube body, an erecting base having a hinge section or a balloon for erecting the er ...

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A composition of an aliphatic ester-amide copolymer which is soluble in an organic solvent with an LD.sub.50 value (orally administered to a rat) of about 2,000 mg/kg or more.

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A catheter with a balloon characterized by a balloon reinforced with a composite yarn consisting of an elastic yarn and a non-elastic yarn with a larger free length of the non-elastic yarn than that of said elastic yarn. When the catheter is inserted into a blood vessel or taken out on a surgical op ...

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In manufacturing of an organic electroluminescence (EL) display device, after first electrodes are formed on a substrate, insulating films are formed on the first electrodes except regions corresponding to light emitting portions. Spacers are formed on the insulating films, and overhanging portions ...

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An error correcting code including of basic data and a BCH-based parity code appended thereto is divided into smaller packets. An error detecting code is appended to each of the thus-divided packets, so that transmission basic data is formed. When the transmission basic data is received, the basic d ...

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An electronic endoscope is provided with a photoelectrically converting solid state imaging device and a light guide transmitting an illuminating light. A video signal processing circuit processes signals for the solid state imaging device. The electronic endoscope, the light guide and the video sig ...

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A semiconductor light emitting device includes a second semiconductor layer, an active layer, a third semiconductor layer and a pair of electrodes. The second semiconductor layer is formed directly on the principal pane of a substrate or via a first semiconductor layer. The active layer is formed on ...

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The endoscope system of this invention is formed of an endoscope having an insertable part provided in the tip part with an illuminating window and a receiving window receiving an object image illuminated by an illuminating light emitted from the illuminating window and a plurality of sheaths select ...

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A cleaning tube apparatus for an endoscope, comprises the endoscope having an observation optical system for observing a subject part at a forward-end portion, a cleaning tube detachable with respect to said endoscope, said cleaning tube being provided with a plurality of fluid jetting openings in a ...

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An input device, which utilizes a virtual keyboard, includes a device for designating at least one input-position in a virtual keyboard displayed on a display; an input-symbol defining device for defining a form and a meaning of each input-symbol drawn by the designating means (e.g., a write-pen); a ...