Yoichi Sugita, Takashi Kawabata: Catheter. Nippon Zeon, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, November 13, 1990: US04969890 (439 worldwide citation)

There is provided a catheter composed of a main body fitted with a shape memory alloy member and having a liquid injection means to supply warming liquid to have said member recover the original shape thereof.

Hroaki Murata: Light emitting diode lamp. Mitsubishi Cable, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, June 19, 1990: US04935665 (437 worldwide citation)

A light emitting diode lamp comprises an insulated metallic board having a plurality of hollows thereon each of which has a light emitting diode mounted on the bottom thereof and a light-reflecting surface on the side wall thereof. A lens plate collects direct light from the light emitting diode and ...

Iwao Matsuura: Urine-collecting device. Nissho Corporation, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, June 13, 1989: US04838883 (410 worldwide citation)

A urine-collecting device comprising a urine-collecting bag having an opening for inserting a penis therethrough, the opening being made on one side surface of the bag and a sheet-like flange formed integrally with the bag at a periphery of the opening; and a film for preventing a back flow of urine ...

Kunio Awazu, Masahiko Kanda: Bio-photosensor. Sumitomo Electric, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, December 4, 1990: US04974591 (194 worldwide citation)

A bio-photosensor used to examine the function of various organs of a human body or the like. It has a flexible printed circuit board (FPC) formed with an electric circuit, a light emitter and a light receptor mounted on the FPC and connected to an electric cable through the electric circuit, and a ...

Hiroaki Murata, Teruhisa Inomata, Masatoshi Tabira: Light emitting diode lamp. Mitsubishi Cable, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, May 29, 1990: US04929866 (191 worldwide citation)

It is disclosed a light emitting diode lamp composing a window through which light is released forwardly, a plurality of light emitting diodes located at a corner of the window or behind the frame of the window, and a light reflector having a plurality of light reflecting faces whereby light emitted ...

Mototsugu Ogawa: Endoscopic treating tool. Olympus Optical, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, January 30, 1990: US04896678 (178 worldwide citation)

Endoscopic treating tool in which structure is provided for completely releasing the transmission of force to a treatment part of the tool adjacent a tip end of an insertable part of the tool from the operating member provided at a base side of the insertable part when the operating force for the op ...

Takashi Takahashi: Traction type transmission. Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, August 6, 1991: US05037361 (164 worldwide citation)

A traction type transmission characterized in that a planetary roller mechanism is constituted by a sun roller, a plurality of planetary rollers disposed equidistantly around the sun roller and an exterior ring disposed outside the planetary rollers, the sun roller is connected to a high speed shaft ...

Akihiro Taguchi, Akira Shiga: Observation assisting forceps. Olympus Optical, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, March 20, 1990: US04909789 (154 worldwide citation)

Observation assisting forceps wherein a shaft member is retractably inserted through a hollow sheath, a plurality of linear members given a characteristic of expanding on the tip sides are provided at the front end of this shaft member and spherical parts are provided at the tips of the respective l ...

Shinichi Nishigaki, Shiro Bito: Resectoscope apparatus. Olympus Optical, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, May 12, 1992: US05112330 (152 worldwide citation)

The resectoscope apparatus of this invention comprises an elongate hollow sheath to be inserted into a body cavity, an endoscope having an optical system inserted through said sheath and making the body cavity interior observable, an operating part connected to the sheath and a slider made integral ...

Gary Pitchford, Steve Pitchford, Paul Hyde: Personal multi-purpose navigational apparatus and method for operation thereof. Campsport, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein Kubovcik & Murray, December 11, 1990: US04977509 (147 worldwide citation)

A personal multi-purpose navigational instrument which can be hand held and portable for transporting at long distances is disclosed. The navigational instrument can receive, process, display, store and interface data for navigational use, such as, bearing information, inclination and declination,te ...

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