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An auction information transmission processing system is constructed by connecting a most significant front computer to a host computer, arranging at least one stage of a plurality of intermediate front computers and a plurality of least significant front computers so as to be connectable to the mos ...

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A urine-collecting device comprising a urine-collecting bag having an opening for inserting a penis therethrough, the opening being made on one side surface of the bag and a sheet-like flange formed integrally with the bag at a periphery of the opening; and a film for preventing a back flow of urine ...

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A light emitting diode lamp comprises an insulated metallic board having a plurality of hollows thereon each of which has a light emitting diode mounted on the bottom thereof and a light-reflecting surface on the side wall thereof. A lens plate collects direct light from the light emitting diode and ...

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There is provided a catheter composed of a main body fitted with a shape memory alloy member and having a liquid injection means to supply warming liquid to have said member recover the original shape thereof.

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Non-thrombogenic material comprising a base polymer treated with heparin, the improvement in which the heparin is covalently bonded with the base polymer through only one acetal bond or hemiacetal bond at each bonding site between the heparin and the base polymer.

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Endoscopic treating tool in which structure is provided for completely releasing the transmission of force to a treatment part of the tool adjacent a tip end of an insertable part of the tool from the operating member provided at a base side of the insertable part when the operating force for the op ...

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A distribution type tactile sensor, which comprises a plurality of electrodes provided in pairs at respective pressure sensing points on a pressure sensitive conductive rubber sheet capable of changing the electrical resistance responsive to compressive forces, and a rectifier element provided to re ...

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A kit for the anastomosing of a blood vessel which includes a pair of anastomic wheels. Each wheel has an axially extending hollow body for the passing of a blood vessel therethrough and a peripheral extending flange. The periphery of the flange has a plurality of forwardly extending pins for pierci ...

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A master slice IC device comprising at least two kind of basic cells; that is, a first kind of basic cells each having one or more n-type MIS transistors and one or more p-type MIS transistors to form a CMIS logic circuit, and a second kind of basic cells each comprising an npn-type bipolar transist ...

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A slot machine is provided in which the symbols or indicia to be displayed are selected by using a random number generating technique to generate a random number for each display position, the random number being selected from a first range of numbers corresponding to the number of display possiblil ...