John J Frantzen: Surgical stent featuring radiopaque markers. Cook Incorporated, Anton P Ness, Richard J Godlewski, September 25, 2001: US06293966 (233 worldwide citation)

Radiopaque marker elements for attachment to ends of a radially expandable surgical stent are disclosed. Each radiopaque marker element is homogeneously formed from a radiopaque material and attached through an attachment means to ends of the stent. The radiopaque marker elements enhance the visibil ...

Robert L Fisher Jr: Matable coaxial connector assembly having impedance compensation. AMP Incorporated, Anton P Ness, June 8, 1993: US05217391 (216 worldwide citation)

A coaxial connector assembly (10) includes a plug (40) and jack (140) having respective inner and outer conductors matable at a mating interface. The mating interface (MI) includes a plurality of regions A,B,C of mismatched impedance having varying axial lengths defined by diameter changes of said i ...


Douglas W Glover, John C Hoffer, Erlon F Johnson, Ronald R Schaffer: Fiber optic connector assembly and wall outlet thereof. AMP Incorporated, Adrian J LaRue, Anton P Ness, September 16, 1986: US04611887 (189 worldwide citation)

A fiber optic connector assembly comprises a housing member having a passageway extending therethrough. A receptacle connector member is latchably mounted in the passageway and has therein fiber optic connectors terminated to ends of fiber optic transmission members and fiber optic cables. The fiber ...

Richard G Leibfried Jr: Method for applying a retention sleeve to a coaxial cable connector. The Whitaker Corporation, Anton P Ness, December 14, 1993: US05269701 (162 worldwide citation)

A coaxial connector (100) having a coupling nut (12) freely rotatable therearound has a rear stop defined by the forward end (152) of a retention sleeve (150) placed along the central section (128) of the outer conductive shell (120). The retention sleeve rearward end (160) defines a forward stop fo ...

Alan W Brownlie, Jack W Lawhead, Clifford F Lincoln, Ned A Sigmon: Access flooring module. AMP Incorporated, Robert W Pitts, Anton P Ness, June 16, 1992: US05122069 (162 worldwide citation)

An access floor module for use with wiring extending beneath the floor of a structure can be used with both high tension and low tension conductors. High tension and low tension outlets can be mounted on the front of a rotatable frame member. Cables are attached to the back and the frame can be inse ...


Bruce Eltringham Barry, Matthew Jon Fasnacht, Ronald Richard Schaffer: Fiber optic cable management rack. The Whitaker Corporation, Anton P Ness, June 17, 1997: US05640482 (150 worldwide citation)

A cable management rack (10) for supporting and routing pluralities of fiber optic cables (24) to and from optical interconnection sites of stacks of interconnection enclosures (22). First brackets (40) along end frame members (14) enable securing of the cables routed vertically, and also support re ...

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