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A system for the wireless transmission of multiple information signals utilizing digital time division circuits between a base station and a plurality of subscriber stations. The subscriber stations may be fixed or movable. The number of time division circuits is determined by the transmission quali ...

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The disclosure is directed to a pre-assembled liquid tight connector for use with flexible metallic conduit. The connector is comprised of a one piece body member having a grounding member formed integrally therewith. Additionally, the body member is so constructed as to retain a resilient polyureth ...

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A subscriber unit for wireless communication with a base station in a wireless subscriber communication system includes a FIR chip, a DIF (digital intermediate frequency) chip, a single processor chip and a radio. The processor chip transcodes a digital voice input signal to provide digital input sy ...

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Multi-conductor electrical connector comprises a body member having oppositely directed first and second faces and contact terminals mounted therein. The terminals have wire-receiving portions extending from the first face and have receptacle portions on the second face, the receptacle portions bein ...

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A floor fixture adapted for use with flat undercarpet power distribution systems has a face plate with a snap-in retaining feature requiring no screws and a mounting arrangement which allows for rotation of the fixture after installation.

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A connector for use in terminating flat conductors which provides a minimum profile. The connector employs coined contact rings which pierce the conductor insulation and establish electrical contact without conductor damage. A lance and guide hole arrangement provides alignment and mechanical lockin ...

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A papermakers felt having improved void volume and a method for manufacturing of the felt are disclosed. The felt as woven comprises at least three plies with one ply being comprised of removable yarns. Through removal of the removable yarns, a series of voids are created in the final felt.

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A rotary waterproof splice connector for use with a plurality of insulated wires is disclosed. The connector includes two mutually rotatable cylindrical insulating members. Wire receiving tubular passages parallel to the axis of rotation intersect a plate-like contact terminal. Rotation of the two i ...

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A multi contact electrical connector for interconnection of a ground-signal multi-conductor flat cable to a plurality of electric circuit elements such as terminal posts extending from a panel is disclosed. The connector includes a plurality of discrete terminals in a multi-contact insulating housin ...