Howard F Walter: Programming-on-demand cable system and method. Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, March 19, 1985: US04506387 (437 worldwide citation)

A programming-on-demand cable system is provided which allows any one of a plurality of individual users to request anyone of a plurality of video programs they wish to view from a library of programs, and permits the requested program to be available for viewing on a conventional television set at ...

Ronald E Bratton: Air delivery system for an impingement food preparation oven including a conical air deflector. Lincoln Manufacturing Company, Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, December 3, 1985: US04556043 (40 worldwide citation)

An improved air delivery system is provided for an impingement food preparation oven including a plurality of air ducts disposed in a cooking chamber, a plenum connected to the air ducts, and a scoop-type fan disposed in a backwall opening of the plenum to provide a flow of heated air smoothly and u ...

Tadahiro Ohmi, Kazuhiko Sugiyawa, Fumio Nakahara, Masaru Umeda: Process gas supply piping system. Tadahiro OHMI, Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, April 17, 1990: US04917136 (39 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to the supply piping system of the process gas for various types of thin-film making and fine pattern dry etching process, and more particularly to the process gas supply system, which makes it possible to form high quality thin films and to perform high quality etching.

Peter G Kronich: Lubricating oil filtration system for an engine. Tecumseh Products Company, Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, March 10, 1987: US04648363 (39 worldwide citation)

An internal combustion engine is provided with a lubricating system and a full flow oil filtering circuit arranged in parallel with the main oil lubricating circuit of the engine. The lubricating system includes drive means an oil lubricating circuit for lubricating the drive means, an oil sump conn ...

Jerry F Dyben, Stanley S Wulc: Gauge apparatus for measuring liquid levels. Tokheim Corporation, Anthony Niewyk, Albert L Jeffers, January 20, 1987: US04637254 (38 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to gauge apparatus for measuring liquid levels comprising an elongated electrical sensor adapted to be arranged in upright position while immersed so constructed as to have an electrical resistance which may be varied. A spherical float is magnetically attracted to the sensor ...

Wilhelm Wanke, Ludwig Hauser: Paper machine. J M Voith, Anthony Niewyk, Albert L Jeffers, March 10, 1987: US04648942 (38 worldwide citation)

A paper machine where the press section features exclusively double felt roll presses (13-16; 23-26) through which proceeds the paper web (10) to be dehydrated between two felt belts (15,16; 25, 26). The paper web (10) is constantly supported by a backing belt (34) at least in the first drying group ...

Tadahiro Ohmi: Semiconductor integrated circuit. Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, March 6, 1990: US04907053 (37 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor integrated circuit includes an insulated-gate transistor serving as a driving transistor and composed of source and drain regions of one conductivity type with a high impurity concentration, a channel region disposed between the source and drain regions, an insulating layer covering ...

Peter G Kronich: Valve mechanism lubrication system for an overhead valve engine. Tecumseh Products Company, Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, July 22, 1986: US04601267 (36 worldwide citation)

In an internal combustion engine a breather induced valve lifter mechanism lubricating system wherein oil mist is conducted from the crankcase through one push rod tube to the rocker box. The oil mist is caused to flow around the valve actuating mechanism by a baffle before flowing out of the rocker ...

Kenneth W Nimmons: Tension mounting for face guard. Schutt Manufacturing Co, Anthony Niewyk, John F Hoffman, January 6, 1987: US04633531 (36 worldwide citation)

A mounting system for mounting a face guard on a football helmet, wherein the face guard is able to pivot about a horizontal axis about the top portion of the helmet. The improved mounting arrangement includes a pair of straps in the form of loops which enclose wire segments of the face guard. The s ...

Mark W Wood: Rotary compressor with vane slot pressure groove. Tecumseh Products Company, Albert L Jeffers, Anthony Niewyk, December 16, 1986: US04629403 (32 worldwide citation)

A rotary hermetic compressor including a compressor cylinder having a bore therein, and a sliding vane slidably disposed in a slot in the compressor wall. The vane extends into the bore of the cylinder for cooperating with a roller to divide the compression chamber into a suction chamber and a disch ...