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An improved noise suppression system (800) is disclosed which performs speech quality enhancement upon the speech-plus-noise signal available at the input (205) to generate a clean speech signal at the output (265) by spectral gain modification. The improvements of the present invention include the ...

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An alerting device for a paging receiver for generating vibration motion in the paging receiver housing. The alerting means comprises an electric motor, an eccentric weight, and a linking means. The electric motor is activated in response to an alert signal for rotating a driving shaft. The driving ...

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A microcomputer having predetermined clock pulse frequency requirements receives pulses from a multiplying type frequency synthesizer which utilizes a reference frequency less than the largest of the predetermined requirements. The synthesizer is responsive to program instructions to generate clock ...

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A method and means for reducing multipath interference distortion in a time-division multiple access (TDMA) communications system is disclosed. A transmitting station (100) formats one or more equalizer synchronization words with a first user's data word, time-multiplexes this formatted user message ...

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Apparatus and method is disclosed for automatically, or by selective response, call forwarding a message to one or more system pagers which have an acknowledge back capability.

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A personal message receiving apparatus is described including a portable communications receiver, intended to be carried by the user, which receives, detects and stores messages transmitted on a first radio frequency communication channel. The stored message is then subsequently transmitted over a s ...

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An improved hands-free user-interactive control and dialing system is disclosed for use with a speech communications device. The control system (400) includes a dynamic noise suppressor (410), a speech recognizer (420) for implementing voice-control, a device controller (430) responsive to the speec ...

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An acknowledge back (ack-back) pager is provide for use in a paging system which includes a central station which transmits a group of message signals to a group of ack-back pagers which are addressed as a group. The users of the group of addressed ack-back pagers indicate a response to their respec ...

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A zener diode random number generator circuit is described which produces a random binary number output having a statistical distribution exhibiting a controlled degree of randomness determined in response to an input control signal. A microprocessor feedback circuit monitors the random number outpu ...

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A system for transmitting long text messages includes a plurality of transmission cells defining different geographical areas, each having a transmitter for simulcast address transmission at a first data bit rate and for transmitting the address and a message at a second data bit rate higher than th ...