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A digital system is provided. The digital system includes an execution unit, a level-zero (L0) memory, and an address generation unit. The execution unit is coupled to a data memory containing data to be used in operations of the execution unit. The L0 memory is coupled between the execution unit an ...

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The present disclosure provides an instant embedded manual control, which has a remote control; and a face shell containing the remote control. The face shell is provided with groups of positioning ribs that are used to embed the manual control into a carrier platform of the manual control; the face ...

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A method is provided for fabricating a fin field-effect transistor. The method includes providing a semiconductor substrate; and forming a plurality of fins on top of the semiconductor substrate. The method also includes forming isolation structures between adjacent fins; and forming doping sidewall ...

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A linear vibration device is disclosed. The linear vibration device includes a housing, a plurality of elastic members received in the housing, each of the elastic member has a fastening portion connecting to the housing, an elastic arm extending from the fastening portion, and a mounting portion ex ...

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A reconfigurable data processing platform is disclosed. The reconfigurable data processing platform includes a reconfigurable universal data processing module, a configuration memory, and a reconfiguration control unit. The reconfigurable universal data processing module contains a plurality of basi ...

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An automatic face annotation method is provided. The method includes dividing an input video into different sets of frames, extracting temporal and spatial information by employing camera take and shot boundary detection algorithms on the different sets of frames, and collecting weakly labeled data ...

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A vibration speaker includes a screen including a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, and a vibrator disposed below the screen with vibration direction perpendicular to the screen. The screen is actuated to vibrate and generate sound by the vibration of the vibrator.

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A method for forming a semiconductor structure is provided. The method includes providing a substrate; and forming an ultra-low-dielectric-constant (ULK) dielectric layer on a surface of the substrate. The method also includes etching the ultra-low-dielectric-constant dielectric layer to form a tren ...

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A dimmable light emitting diode (LED) lamp is provided. The dimmable LED lamp includes an alternating current (AC) input unit and at least one AC detection unit connected to the AC input unit. The dimmable LED lamp also includes at least one LED driving and power supply unit and at least one LED lig ...

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An LED driving and dimming circuit and configuration method are provided. The circuit can include a switch connected to an AC power supply, an LED driver circuit connected to the switch, a switch-status detection circuit connected to the switch, and a brightness-selection circuit having one end conn ...