David Michael Geshwind: Process and device for multi-level television program abstraction. Anne C Avellone, UNIPAT, July 18, 2006: US07080392 (71 worldwide citation)

Distribution, either incorporated into a video signal or via a separate channel, of human and/or artificially intelligent generated auxiliary information used to selectively record and/or display one of several subsets of program segments. Subsets comprise options that are progressively abstracted, ...

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Additional cameras, optionally in conjunction with markers or projectors, capture three-dimensional information about the environment and characters of a filmed scene. This data is later used to convert, generally as a post-production process under highly automated computer control, or as a post bro ...

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Techniques for improving the conversion of 2D images to 3D stereoscopic images, including trimming of portions of depth information to achieve improved processing at object boundaries.

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An approach to realistically schematizing professional team sports embodied as board games, and particularly a preferred embodiment schematizing American football, baseball and basketball, as well as soccer, ice hockey and golf. One key to the realistic play of the game is the On-The-Roll™ (“OTR”) m ...

David Michael Geshwind: Internet-mediated collaborative technique for the motivation of student test preparation. Anne C Avellone, May 2, 2002: US20020052860-A1

An internet-mediated technique permits the collaboration of parents, educators and advertizing sponsors to motivate student utilization of interactive computer practice sessions with automated assessment and customized presentations for students.

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Imaging device is trained (e.g., panned, zoomed, focussed) on environmental navigation feature, such as street sign or house number, by operator input and computer control. Optional illumination in visible, infrared, ultraviolet, or other spectrum enhances (especially nighttime) imaging. Optional pr ...

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Strategy board games that schematize competitive, yet non-combative, ecological processes, including preferred embodiments comprising multi-generation games of strategy and territory occupation played on a grid. During a first generation, players alternate placing game pieces, generally one grid uni ...

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The invention is a new method to computationally analyze nucleic acid-protein binding data in a systematic or statistical manner in order to determine the DNA binding sequence for proteins which bind to DNA and are usually involved in the regulation of the expression of genes, and may enhance, promo ...