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Light source modules are disclosed, which include an emitter having a light-emitting surface and a pyramid collector mounted onto the emitter over the emitting surface. Also disclosed are illumination systems, including a plurality of light source modules, each light source module comprising an emit ...

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The present disclosure is directed to optical films having a first surface and a structured surface, the structured surface comprising a plurality of prismatic structures. Each prismatic structure has a base including at least two first sides and at least two second sides. At least one of the first ...

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A respiratory component mounting assembly includes a first respiratory component, a second respiratory component and a mounting clip for mounting the second respiratory component to the first respiratory component. Each of the first and second respiratory components includes at least two spaced apar ...

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Optical bodies, comprising: a plurality of first optical layers comprising a first polymer composition that comprises (i) a polyester portion having terephthalate comonomer units and ethylene glycol comonomer units; and (ii) a second portion corresponding to a polymer having a glass transition tempe ...

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A process for stretching films is described. The process preferably stretches films in a uniaxial fashion. Preferably, optical films are stretched including multilayer optical films. Other aspects of the invention include a roll of stretched film and an apparatus for stretching films.

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A portable cooling or respiratory blower system of the type carried by a user's body includes a housing having two air flow chambers. An impeller is rotatably disposed between the two air flow chambers and includes a base wall that places the two air flow chambers in non-fluidic communication when t ...

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A personal respiratory protection device 10 that comprises a mask body 12 that has a structure 35 located on it for receiving a clean air supply source such as a filter cartridge 14. The clean air receiving structure 35 has a first threaded portion 34. The clean air supply source has a second thread ...

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A protective automatic darkening filter construction 10 includes two low twist liquid crystal cells 26, 30 interspersed between a series of offset polarizers 24, 28, 32. The resulting construction provides improved homogeneity in the dark state as viewed by the user over a large viewing angle. By re ...

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A method and apparatus for objectively assessing acoustical performance of an in-ear device having a passageway extending there through use a dual microphone probe that removably engages the passageway. The acoustical performance of the in-ear device is performed with the in-ear device inserted into ...

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A metal detectable lens that includes a first layer having a first and second surface, the first layer including a visibly transparent material; and a second layer disposed on the first surface of the first layer, wherein the second layer is a layer of conductive material. Eyewear including at least ...