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A synergistic fungicidal mixture contains a fungicidally effective amount of a compound of Formula I, (3S,6S,7R,8R)-8-benzyl-3-(3-((isobutyryloxy)methoxy)-4-methoxypicolinamido)-6-methyl-4,9-dioxo-1,5-dioxonan-7-yl isobutyrate, and at least one triazole fungicide wherein Formula I is

David Krueger: Spinal fusion device. Michael Ye, Andrews Kurth Kenyon, December 27, 2016: US09526628 (4 worldwide citation)

A spinal fusion device is disclosed. The spinal fusion device includes a first endplate configured for fitting within a disc space and engaging with a first vertebra and a second endplate configured for fitting within the disc space and engaging with a second vertebra. The two endplates are separate ...

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Improved systems and methods for automated machine-learning, zero-day malware detection. Embodiments include a method for improved zero-day malware detection that receives a set of training files which are each known to be either malign or benign, partitions the set of training files into a pluralit ...

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An apparatus for accessing a bodily passageway includes: an endoscope including an insertion portion configured to inserted into the bodily passageway; a drive tube including a lumen configured to receive the endoscope; a helically-wound thread disposed on an outer wall of the drive tube and configu ...

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A method is disclosed to automatically segment 3D and higher-dimensional images into two subsets without user intervention, with no topological restriction on the solution, and in such a way that the solution is an optimal in a precisely defined optimization criterion, including an exactly defined d ...

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Provided is a slide bearing with which friction-reducing effects are obtained and the total volume of effluent oil is limited. In a slide bearing an end of the narrow groove on a downstream side of the rotation direction is disposed at the position which is adjacent to a mating surface on the downst ...

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In a control apparatus for an internal combustion engine in which processing of regenerating the NOx storage capacity of an NSR catalyst is carried out in accompany with processing of diagnosing an abnormality in an exhaust gas purification device including the NSR catalyst, the present invention is ...

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There is obtained a parting portion structure for a vehicle that can enhance the rigidity of one end of a design panel that constitutes a parting portion, while imparting a feeling of sharpness to the parting portion. An end edge portion of an upper-end rear portion of a fender panel is folded back ...

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A vehicle control device is a vehicle control device for a vehicle capable of coasting, in which when there is no acceleration or deceleration request to the vehicle while traveling, power transmission between an engine and drive wheels is cut off and the vehicle is allowed to travel by inertia, whe ...

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Electrode arrays have a plurality of electrodes. These arrays may have any combination of the following improvements. The arrays may have features that enable easier electrical connections and reduced bending stiffness by having a stop region and a torsion relief region, respectively. The arrays may ...