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A plurality of trenched capacitors are grouped in phases. A control circuit switches each phase between charging and discharging states devised to supply one or more loads with controlled power.

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Sort-on-the-Fly/Search-on-the-Fly data retrieval or analysis provides an intuitive mechanisms for accessing databases, allowing a user to access or obtain information about data in the database without having to know anything about the database structure. A user selects a desired term, and the metho ...

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The present invention stacks chip scale-packaged integrated circuits (CSPs) into low profile modules that conserve PWB or other board surface area. Low profile structures provide connection between CSPs of the stacked module and between and to the flex circuitry. Low profile contacts are created by ...

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A trailer mule vehicle with a frame, two independent drive wheels located at the rear of the frame on a common axis, two caster support wheels located at the front of the frame, and a fifth wheel plate generally centered between and positioned above the rear drive wheels. Each drive wheel is powered ...

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A multi-function flashlight device in one preferred embodiment comprising a housing assembly having a tubular member for gripping the device in a user's hand, a control housing coupled to the tubular member, and a lamp housing coupled to the control housing and having a light source mounted therein. ...

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A tree stand assembly including a container defining a basin and a plurality of securement assemblies attached to the container. The securement assemblies are spaced from each other and define a space within the container for receiving the base of a tree trunk. Each securement assembly has a support ...

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A bore seal for connecting and sealing oil and gas tubular members is disclosed which has a metal core manufactured from a high yield strength ferrous material and a protective overlay of corrosion and abrasion resistant stainless steel and/or nickel based alloy. The protective overlay is applied to ...

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A bolometer type ultra-sensitive silicon sensor pixel of a multi-pixel sensor wherein each pixel includes a detector stage, an intermediate stage, and a heat bath stage. The detector stage, the intermediate stage and a portion of the heat bath stage are generally co-planar and are interconnected by ...

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It is disclosed a wireless power supplying system and an self adaptive adjustment method thereof. The method includes: a step for detecting an operating status of an electric power sending unit and determining, based on the detected operating status, whether the electric power transmitting unit sati ...

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Novel peptides that inhibit the release of microparticles from cells are disclosed. The peptide contains at least one VGFPV motif at the N-terminal and has a length of 10-100 amino acids. Also disclosed is polynucleotide encoding the peptide, expression vectors carrying the polynucleotide, and metho ...