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The present invention provides water repellant curable compositions comprising (i) one or more polyacid comprising at least two carboxylic acid groups, anhydride groups, or salts thereof, (ii) one or more polyol comprising at least two hydroxyl groups, (iii) one or more reactive waterproofing agent ...

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The present invention provides compositions that enable excellent hardness in coating applications, the compositions containing one or more copolymer having as copolymerized units one or more acrylic monomer with a phosphorus acid-functional group, a polymeric side chain containing multi-acid functi ...

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A wheelchair or a vehicle for sand or loose soil comprises one or more skids, each equipped with a spring-loaded roller or roller plate. Examples of the vehicle include a wheelchair and a planetary rover. Preferably, a beach, shower or pool wheelchair comprises two front skids in place of front whee ...

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The present invention provides smooth and even ultraviolet (UV) cured powder coatings for wood comprising one, two or three layers of one or more waterborne stains, or clear or tinted waterborne basecoat coatings and one or more topcoat layers of clear or tinted clear powder coatings made from one o ...

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A powder coating composition includes an acid-functional polyester resin and a matting agent selected from styrene-maleic anhydride copolymers and acid-functional acrylic resins. The compositions provide low gloss finishes at low curing temperatures, as well as consistent gloss over a wide range of ...

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Corrosion- and chip-resistant coatings for high tensile steel components, such as automotive coil springs, are formed from a coating powder composition of “toughened” epoxy resin. In a single coat embodiment, the entire coating is loaded with at least 75 phr zinc powder. In a dual coat embodiment, a ...

Michael John Sinclair, James Edward Watts: Fire retardant intumescent coating. Rohm and Haas Company, Chance & Hunt, Andrew E C Merriam, May 15, 2007: US07217753 (5 worldwide citation)

A fire retardant intumescent coating composition comprises: (a) 30 to 60% by weight of a phosphorous containing material which decomposes to produce phosphoric acid when the coating is exposed to fire; (b) 10 to 30% by weight of a thermosetting binder; (c) 2.5 to 10% by weight of a curing agent for ...

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A method for preparing acid-containing polymers by reacting them in the presence of end-capped polyols or amines in the presence of phosphorous-containing compounds.

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A paint manufacturing method includes receiving each of a group of fluid prepaints at different inputs of a fluid component mixing system, determining at a computer system a first fluid prepaint ratio, and mixing the fluid prepaints in accordance with the first ratio to form a base paint at an outpu ...

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Coating powders with enhanced electrostatic attraction to low conductivity substrates such as engineered wood are disclosed. The addition of conductive fillers to low temperature cure coating powder compositions improves the coating of difficult to coat substrates such as raised panel cabinet doors. ...