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An alkaline hair bleaching composition comprising (a) from about 0.01% to about 12%, by weight, of at least one oxidizing agent; (b) from about 0.2% to about 20%, by weight, of a buffering system, present in an amount sufficient to generate a pH of the composition in the range from about 5 to about ...

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Disclosed are shampoo compositions that provide a superior combination of anti-dandruff efficacy and conditioning, and a method of cleansing and conditioning the hair comprising applying to the hair and scalp an effective amount of said compositions. The anti-dandruff and conditioning shampoos compr ...

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The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition in a solid unit dosage form for oral administration in a human or lower animal comprising: a. a safe and effective amount of a therapeutically active agent; b. an inner coating layer selected from the group consisting of poly(methacrylic ...

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Disposable absorbent article comprising an interior design signal indicating absorbency and an absorbent core including first and second absorbent layers, the first absorbent layer including a first substrate and the second absorbent layer including a second substrate, the first and second absorbent ...

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Apparatus and method for producing absorbent structures with absorbent layers with channel(s) without absorbent material, using a first moving endless surface with specific raised strip(s) and a second moving endless surface with specific mating strip(s).

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An applicator system for use in delivering a flowable composition comprising: (a) a container in which the flowable composition is to be contained; and (b) at least three applicators of different type, including a line applicator in which the flowable composition is delivered through a single outlet ...

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An applicator system, for use in delivering a flowable composition, comprising; (a) container including an inner collapsible layer distinct from an outer deformable layer, the inner collapsible layer defining a reservoir, and the outer deformable layer being separated from the inner collapsible laye ...

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A self-centering drill comprising: (a) a shank, a body, and a cutting end, all formed integrally in the drill; (b) the body interposed between the shank and the cutting end, the body having a pair of helical flutes and a corresponding pair of helical lands; (c) the cutting end including a substantia ...

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An applicator assembly for applying liquid product to the hair. The applicator assembly has an applicator that further base and multiple tines extending from the base. Opposite the tines, the base has a liquid distribution cavity. At least some of the tines have a tip at the end opposite the base, a ...

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Liquid personal cleansing emulsion compositions which contain a moisturizing phase and an aqueous cleansing phase. The moisturizing phase comprises a nonpolar, soluble lipophilic skin moisturizing agent. The aqueous cleansing phase comprises a soluble, noncrystalline synthetic surfactant in the lame ...