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A memory system package is provided by placing memory chips face-to-face using as an interposer a thin flexible carrier having through-carrier-connections, vias, for common memory chip I/O pads which are brought out to access external signals, either control, I/O or power. These external signals may ...

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A method is described for attaching circuit chips to a flexible substrate (laminate) using controlled chip collapse connection technology (C-4). The substrate is "tinned" with an alloy of eutectic composition in its contact region with the solder balls on the base of the chip. The alloy and the sold ...

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A computer system having a CPU connected to I/O devices via a channel sets addresses into the I/O devices by the CPU. The I/O devices, for purposes of control, are grouped in types. To load device addresses or identifiers, the processor sends a type identifier to the I/O devices. The device having t ...

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A system for an efficient message handling technique implemented in AIX, an operating system derived from UNIX System V, is described for use in a distributed services network include a plurality of multi-processing, multi-tasking nodes among which interprocess communication occurs via queues, the a ...

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There is disclosed a technique for displaying scrollable operating and scale lines simultaneously with an active miniature full page representation. Displayed on the operating line along with active characters is a cursor character. Displayed in the miniature full page are text indicators for repres ...

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Described is an improvement for thermal enhancement technology for high power dissipating plastic packaged electronic circuit chips derived from providing structural features in the plastic package adapted to snap fit with complementarily formed edges of heat sink members.