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An ordering terminal for videocassette program material including a keyboard, credit card reader, TV monitor and speaker and display board. The user can order videocassette program material from the terminal and can preview proposed selection before ordering. The terminal is in communication with a ...

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Apparatus for the alleviation of operative and post operative deep venous thrombosis comprises a flexible pad for enwrappment about a mammalian limb such as a human leg. The pad comprises a first plurality of large, individual, fluid receiving pressure cells alternated with a second plurality of sma ...

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The risk of surgical injury to the eye during implantation of an intraocular lens is reduced by pre-positioning either all or a major portion of the lens assembly in the anterior chamber of the eye prior to extraction of the cataract.

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A communications system and network wherein communications links between subscribers are established by retrodirective oscillating loops between each subscriber and a node station. Provision is also made for establishment of links between nodes so that remotely located subscribers can communicate. I ...

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A controlled atmosphere package for retarding the ripening rate of fruits and vegetables is formed from the combination of a sealed enclosure and a packet for the package interior which contains chemical agents capable of absorbing moisture and carbon dioxide from the package environment so as to pr ...

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A surgical procedure and apparatus therefor wherein a patient to be operated on is first wrapped with a plastic film sheet which is adhesively sealed to the patient's body remote from an operating area on the body, and is also sealed against an incision site on the body at the operating area. A ster ...

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A display device comprises a composite body including a display structure of film-shape or plate-shape porous substance made of light transmissive or colored dielectric material and supported to expose at least one surface thereof to an open space and light transmissive liquid material impregnated i ...

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A connector unit, which comprises an insulating housing carrying a plurality of connection pins planted therethrough and accommodating a dielectric plate formed with through-holes penetrated by the connection pins and provided on both sides with electrodes. Thus, a capacitor is connected between eac ...

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The invention relates to an improved laryngoscope with a mounting for the incandescent lamp which permits its easy removal for replacement purposes. In one embodiment the lamp can be removed upwardly from the handle of the laryngoscope and in other embodiments it can be removed downwardly with a bat ...

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An endoscope includes a light conducting tube having an interior coating of a material having a lower index of refraction than the material of the tube so as to maintain total internal reflection in the light conducting material of the tube, the inner surface of the interior coating being prepared i ...