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The present invention relates generally to a consumer interactive shopping and marketing system. The system includes a portable data terminal for communicating information over a communication network. The present system has aspects that may be used within a shopping establishment or at a user's hom ...

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A computer system models human memory by deriving associations between objects, events, and the context of the computer user or users. These associations can be dynamically generated, changing depending on the behavior of the user and context. Examples of areas in which this system can be used inclu ...

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The present invention relates to systems and methods providing content-access-based information retrieval. Information items from a plurality of disparate information sources that have been previously accessed or considered are automatically indexed in a data store, whereby a multifaceted user inter ...

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A system filters received messages (e.g., unsolicited advertisements) to determine if they are appropriate for a user based on the non-static, constantly evolving, context of the user. The system can track the user's context by monitoring various environmental parameters, such as related to the user ...

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The present invention relates to a system (10) and methodology (170, 173, 180, 400, 600, 1000) to enable a variety of information associated with one or more notification sources (26-28) to be directed to one or more notification sinks (36-38) via a notification platform architecture (10). The archi ...

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Groups of photo thumbnails are presented to the user, and where a user selects one of the thumbnails, a transition is provided replacing the group of thumbnails with the photo represented by the selected thumbnail. The photo may be displayed without cropping or stretching. In addition, a zoom/enlarg ...

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A location system for locating and determining the motion and velocity of a wireless device. The methods include direct inferences about whether a device is in motion versus static based on a statistical analysis of the variation of radio signal strengths over time. The system is trained according t ...

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A novel application and user interface for facilitating group interactions over a network integrates messaging, file sharing, media playing, journaling, profiles, and gaming into a cohesive environment. The groups facilitated by the invention are persistent and mobile in that a user does not have to ...

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A computer implemented method is provided for directing region-specific information. The method receives information relating to location of users, and provides location-specific information to the users.

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Presented is a system and method for determining a user's intent. Specifically, constituents and a topology are derived from the user's expression of intent, which can be stated broadly or stated in specific detail. The intent is expressed verbally, written, or in an XML format. The constituents and ...