William A Roberts: Hospital bed monitor. Alvin E Hendricson, October 14, 1980: US04228426 (101 worldwide citation)

A monitoring system has a connecting unit that is adapted for connection between a nurse call button and a communication panel in a hospital room and is attached to a movable pressure activated switching means for placement in a bed or chair to operate an alarm in the nurse call system for remotely ...

Terry R Galloway: Hazardous waste reactor system. In Process Technology, Alvin E Hendricson, August 25, 1987: US04688495 (88 worldwide citation)

A thermal decomposition reactor accepts solid, liquid or gaseous waste products of industrial processes or the like and rapidly reduces same to substances such as carbon dioxide, water and glassified non-leachable ash without limitation by materials that may be commonly included in such waste.

Luther I Dickens, William C Nanny: Composite panel structure and method of manufacture. Radva Plastics Corporation, Alvin E Hendricson, December 30, 1980: US04241555 (86 worldwide citation)

A building panel has an expanded plastic core with thin reinforcing strips bonded to front and back surfaces of the core, at least along the edges thereof, and may have a wire grid attached in offset relation to one surface thereof for receiving a material such as concrete. The panel is manufactured ...

Gerald F Kroneberger, John B Wilcox: Thermal decomposition processor and system. In Process Technology, Alvin E Hendricson, April 25, 1989: US04823711 (69 worldwide citation)

A system for thermally decomposing chemical materials efficiently and controllably heats input feed materials to very high temperatures for decomposition in the presence or absence of oxygen by heating means that may be disposed peripherally or intermediately of reaction zones may be of the protecte ...

Robert E Flatow: Water purification system. Alvin E Hendricson, May 27, 1980: US04204956 (62 worldwide citation)

The system employs a plurality of particularly arraigned ultra-violet lamps emitting high intensity germicidal ultra-violet radiation and radiation producing ozone in the tank through which water is passed with detectors monitoring lamp operation and ultra-violet radiation level throughout the tank ...

Luther I Dickens, William C Nanny: Method of manufacturing a composite panel. Alvin E Hendricson, August 18, 1981: US04284447 (57 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a panel structure useful in building construction and the like includes the steps of heating a heat expandable plastic in a separable mold having a cavity with the configuration of the resultant panel to form a panel core and adhering thin reinforcing strips to the front and back ...

Luther I Dickens, William C Nanny: Building system and method. Radva Plastics Corporation, Alvin E Hendricson, June 13, 1978: US04094110 (55 worldwide citation)

A system of constructing buildings by connecting together expanded plastic panels with reinforcing strips bonded thereto and wire mesh attached to the exterior surfaces thereof upon a foundation with at least a portion of the panels having a curved configuration to maximize structural strength of th ...

Craig D Norton: Exercising device with compressible hand grip on an elastic card. Alvin E Hendricson, William R Piper, February 17, 1981: US04251071 (50 worldwide citation)

The exercising device comprises an elongated elastic cord with a foot-receiving loop formed at each end and a hollow hand grip with an axial bore extending from end to end with a longitudinally extending split permitting one or two lengths of the elastic rope to be inserted into the bore. The hand g ...

William S Griffiths: Helmet structure. Alvin E Hendricson, December 27, 1977: US04064565 (49 worldwide citation)

A helmet is constructed with a hard surfaced, limitedly flexible shell lined with an energy absorbing material having an inner conforming liner adapted to the shape of the head or skull of a wearer for maximum comfort and safety. There may also be provided a transfer layer on the interior surface of ...

Bernard L Martin, Bruce N Vogel: Cable pulling system. Carpenter Rigging and Supply Company, Alvin E Hendricson, July 18, 1978: US04101114 (37 worldwide citation)

A system for drawing one or more cables, such as electrical cables or conductors through a conduit of limited diameter wherein each cable has the strands or conductors thereof wedged in a first part of a connector and a second part of such connector is removably attached thereto with a line engaging ...