Leonard Ronald James: Oxygen overpressure protection system for membrane-type blood oxygenators. Baxter Laboratories, Altman Louis, December 23, 1975: US3927980 (47 worldwide citation)

A safety system is provided for a membrane-type blood oxygenator to prevent the possibility of gas embolism through the membranous barrier which separates the blood and the oxygen. The safety system includes a blood reservoir positioned at a higher horizontal level than the blood inlet of the oxygen ...

Fischel Halbert: Cardiopulmonary bypass system. Baxter Laboratories, Altman Louis, June 24, 1975: US3890969 (39 worldwide citation)

An emergency alertable gravity feed cardiopulmonary bypass system is disclosed in which a blood volume responsive transducer is utilized in returning oxygenated blood to a human circulatory system at a pumping rate corresponding to venous drainage or selected norms. The transducer is coupled to a st ...

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A plate dialyzer is provided with plates and membranes located therebetween. The membranes extend along the front sides of the plates and are bent around the edges of the plates. The ends of the membranes are tightly clamped between two adjacent plates. The plates have channels used for supplying or ...

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An improved closure for a parenteral solution bottle or the like is disclosed. The closure is of the type having a resilient plug mounted in the bottle neck and a cap anchored to the bottle neck and overlying the periphery of the disc. The cap retains a rigid, malleable disc in position overlying th ...

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A reservoir for the collection, purification, and storage of blood during surgical procedures which comprises a hollow blood storage casing having a hollow, perforated member within said casing extending from end-to-end thereof. Blood defoaming means and a filter are carried by the hollow member, so ...

Hess Harold S: Bottle top cutter. Baxter Laboratories, Meyer Scott J, Altman Louis, October 7, 1975: US3910144 (23 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed herein a bottle top cutter adapted and constructed to be utilized to cleanly horizontally sever the neck portion and above of a thermoplastic bottle which may contain a liquid. The apparatus is especially designed to sever a thermoplastic bottle which has a neck portion previously ...

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A bubble-type blood oxygenator which comprises a flexible envelope having a blood flow passage with a blood oxygenating portion and a blood defoaming portion. A stiff backing carries the oxygenator in flat, stretched-out configuration with the result that the flow passage, when filled with blood and ...

Leonard Ronald J: Blood oxygenator utilizing a removable membrane oxygenator unit. Baxter Laboratories, Altman Louis, December 30, 1975: US3929414 (16 worldwide citation)

An oxygenator for blood which comprises means for removably holding a membrane oxygenator unit, means for conveying blood to a patient through the oxygenator unit in a first flow path and back to the patient, and means for supplying oxygen gas through the oxygenator unit in a second flow path separa ...

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A filter skimming device comprising an elongated plunger assembly adapted for telescopic insertion in a test tube. The plunger assembly has an elongated plunger tube, a filter element, an elongated tubular insert for collection of filtered fluid, and a molded-in channel in said tubular insert for ca ...

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A process for the preparation of a stable and concentrated antiserum comprising sequentially fractionating blood plasma or serum with block copolymers of ethylene oxide and polyoxypropylene polymer at selected concentrations and pH's.