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A system and method for teaching a student physical skills includes a processing module for producing and display a model of the student. The processing module includes a computing module for generating the model. The model has the exact physical dimensions of the student and superiorly performs the ...

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A fastener, driving device, and method are provided for repairing a tear in soft tissue of a patient, a particular exemplary embodiment comprising a meniscal tear in a knee. The fastener has a variable-pitch helical protrusion along a central portion that decreases from the distal end to the proxima ...

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A system and method for processing credit card transactions includes a data processor with memory storage capable of accessing an electronic clearing facility through a time rated (e.g., long distance) communication link. The system generates a real-time communication with the clearing facility to d ...

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A system provides a flexible control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) for enclosed areas. The apparatus and method of the present invention measures selected internal environmental variables in the enclosed area including data from a motion sensor indicating the occupancy status o ...

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Golf clubs are fitted with either plural grooves extending along the face in at least two non-parallel directions or with pads, or both, for purposes of achieving a variety of different corrective actions to a golf ball struck by the face.

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A device for effecting progressive elongation of a sectioned bone having no extracutaneous elements, and a method for using the device, are presented. The device, which includes a pair of telescopically engaged cylindrical members, is inserted into the medullary space of the bone, and one cylindrica ...

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An apparatus includes a processor for controlling a build material dispenser and a dispenser positioner to construct a three-dimensional article in successive layers based upon article defining data, and wherein the processor operates the dispenser to dispense a series of bursts of build material at ...

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An ergonomically developed, dome-shaped, alphanumeric interface apparatus for use with a electronic system, such as a computer or electric typewriter is described. The apparatus is configured in accordance with ergonomic principles and uses chording of both hands to type the characters of any user-d ...

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A guidewire includes an elongate flexible unitary body with a plurality of spaced apart grooves in its outer surface and defining a tip support section. In one embodiment, the plurality of grooves take the form of a series of equally axially spaced apart transverse grooves which extend circumferenti ...

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A vending machine has a front panel with plural removable storage and dispensing trays extending through the enclosure, and defining a rear vertical chute curving gradually in a horizontal direction under the trays and communicating with a vend opening. The machine includes a bar code reader or simi ...