George G Siposs, Jerry B Christian: Variable rate syringe pump for insulin delivery. Delta Medical, Allen A Dicke Jr, March 6, 1984: US04435173 (266 worldwide citation)

Variable rate pump for insulin delivery has as its pumping unit a syringe. A motor is connected to advance the syringe and electric signal pulses are produced during syringe advance. A control system permits selection of the interval between command pulses to maintain the desired base insulin delive ...

George G Siposs: Insulin delivery system. Allen A Dicke Jr, August 16, 1983: US04398908 (215 worldwide citation)

Insulin delivery system comprises insulin reservoir, pump and subcutaneous needle. Pump is electromechanically-driven at a preselectable fixed rate and can be additionally actuated to deliver a preprandial bolus of selected dosage.

Sanford S Shapiro: Adjustable sliding electrical contact for waveguide post and coaxial line termination. Hughes Aircraft Company, Allen A Dicke Jr, William H MacAllister, July 27, 1976: US03972013 (112 worldwide citation)

A waveguide post slides through a resilient barrel which is adjustably clamped against the waveguide post to control its slidability and provide reliable electric contact. As a sliding short for a coaxial transmisson line termination, a shorting bar incorporating two resilient barrels engages both t ...

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One or more physical activity sensors, such as pressure switches, position sensors and accelerometers, as well as a breath sensor are connected to control a valve. The valve is electrically actuated and has first and second states. A control circuit between the sensors and the valve increase actuati ...

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A coupler for wavelength multiplexing or demultiplexing of multimode optical signals in optical circuits. Light introduced through an input/output surface at one end of a planar optical waveguide formed within a glass substrate propagates to a convexly curved second end of the waveguide on which is ...

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There is disclosed an integrated optical design of head-up displays suitable for use in aircraft cockpits and the like. The display system is comprised of a holographic optical element used as the combiner for presenting a direct view of the exterior on which are superimposed image signals generated ...

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There is disclosed a laser instrument which uses an infrared fiber optical waveguide to transmit a high power carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide laser beam for treating a selected part of the body. In one important application of the instrument, the laser beam is transmitted to the interior of the hu ...

William J Zinnanti: Endoscopic suction, irrigation and cautery instrument. Allen A Dicke Jr, September 20, 1994: US05348555 (86 worldwide citation)

The irrigator aspirator instrument body has finger-operated valves for respective connection to sources of suction and irrigation. The body has connection ports on each end that it is reversible and has a clear polymer cannula attached in one of the ports for endoscopic utilization. The body is also ...

George G Siposs: Blood-air separator and filter. Allen A Dicke Jr, January 11, 1983: US04368118 (74 worldwide citation)

The blood-air separator is for use in the extracorporeal blood bypass during cardio-pulmonary surgery. Air bubbles are separated from the recirculating blood stream by centrifugal force and buoyancy after the stream has left the oxygenator and before it returns to the patient. Separation is accompli ...

George G Siposs: Directed flow bubble trap for arterial blood. Allen A Dicke Jr, August 17, 1982: US04344777 (73 worldwide citation)

The arterial blood filter of this invention is for extra-corporeal bypass during cardio-pulmonary surgery. It has an internal divergent blood flow path from the inlet to smoothly reduce blood flow velocity to permit separation of air bubbles with minimum trauma to blood cells. The upper portion of t ...