Sato Toshio: Artificial skating-rink floor. Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, October 2, 1979: US04169688 (348 worldwide citation)

An artificial ice skating rink floor with a layer of cushion material thereon and a plurality of floor plates formed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethyene laid directly on the layer of cushion material with the floor plates held in position by plate-like and U-shaped insertion members.

Stephen D Julstrom: Microphone actuation control system suitable for teleconference systems. Shure Brothers, Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, April 14, 1987: US04658425 (177 worldwide citation)

A microphone and loudspeaker arrangement for use in a teleconference system, wherein a plurality of microphones are held in a fixed relationship to a loudspeaker. The microphones are independently gated ON in response to (1) speech picked up by the microphone, (2) a loudspeaker signal driving the lo ...


William R Jacobs, Richard A Karlin, Peter K Sun: Battery testing techniques. Sun Electric Corporation, Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, December 27, 1983: US04423379 (171 worldwide citation)

A system and method for testing a battery having an internal impedance by generating digital battery parameter values corresponding to the battery parameters at different points in time by means of current, voltage and temperature measurement circuits and an analog-to-digital converter. An electrica ...

Victor E Derechinsky: Clip-holder instrument for clipping blood vessels. Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, January 11, 1983: US04367746 (131 worldwide citation)

An instrument and method for clipping blood vessels are disclosed. The new surgical tool disclosed is particularly adequate to place clips of alpha configuration ending in "V" on brain blood vessels. The invention enables a surgeon to have a free field of vision of the area and the blood vessel to b ...

Don R Johnson: Laser adjustable intraocular lens and method of altering lens power. Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, March 11, 1986: US04575373 (131 worldwide citation)

A laser beam is utilized to alter, in situ, the power of an implanted intraocular lens. The overall intraocular lens can be of conventional size and shape. The circumference, or outer ring of the lens is manufactured from a non-toxic heat shrinkable plastic. The plastic is preferably colored to perm ...

William F Rush, James E Huebler, Christopher J Ziolkowski: Pneumatic pipe inspection device. Institute of Gas Technology, Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, March 3, 1987: US04646787 (126 worldwide citation)

A pipe worm comprises radially inflatable toroids spaced along an axially inflatable tubular body. The worm inches through piping through sequential inflation and deflation of the toroids and tubular body. The worm includes a fluid supply source, pipe maintenance instrumentation and automatic, semia ...

Walter E Brown, Laurence C Chow: Dental resptorative cement pastes. American Dental Association Health Foundation, Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, May 21, 1985: US04518430 (119 worldwide citation)

Compositions that are useful and unique as dental remineralizers and dental cements, as well as methods for their use, are disclosed. The compositions are mixtures of at least two sparingly soluble calcium phosphates that are present in excess and a dilute aqueous solution approximately saturated wi ...

Samuel F Peterson, Alfons Rundzaitis: Selectable multiple-nozzle showerhead. Associated Mills, Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, December 21, 1976: US03998390 (115 worldwide citation)

The improved showerhead disclosed herein includes at least two, and preferably four, separate spray nozzles and is constructed so as to permit users to select the particular spray nozzle through which water is to be discharged. The showerhead may be mounted on the end of a conventional shower arm ex ...

John H Holland, Arthur W Burks: Adaptive computing system capable of learning and discovery. Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, September 29, 1987: US04697242 (113 worldwide citation)

An electronic computing system capable of learning and discovery employing a language composed of conditional statements called "classifiers" which respond to and operate fixed-length binary words called "messages". Each classifier comprises a condition part which identifies the message(s) to which ...