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A composite metal/plastic patellar prosthesis for implantation in the human body to replace the articulating surface of the patella is provided. The prosthesis includes a polymeric articulating surface portion and a metal backing having an anterior surface adapted to be attached to the posterior sur ...

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The present invention relates to a distal femoral surface shaping guide for mounting on an intramedullary alignment which references the central long axis of the femur in shaping the distal femoral surface and a method for shaping the distal femur using that shaping guide with particular applicabili ...

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Tack-free silicone gel moldings and methods of making such moldings are prepared by coating tacky silicone gel moldings with a silicone rubber particles, having an average diameter less than about 1 mm.

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This invention provides a multiple lumen implant in which the inner lumen is of a substantially spherical shape and is unattached or free-floating. The invention provides a construction which is able to provide and maintain a high projection and to simulate the natural flow of breast tissue during a ...

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A matrix for delivery of active substances such as fragrances and pheromones into the atmosphere is provided which matrix is active substance permeable (including to hydrophilic substances) and is formed of a copolymer which can be softened sufficiently at temperature between 45.degree. C. and 160.d ...

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A one-piece unitary frangible spike connector for insertion into solution containers includes a spike body formed with a closure on one end thereof and a tubing receptacle on the other end thereof. An internal conduit extends from the tubing receptacle through the spike body partially into the closu ...

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A bone marrow biopsy needle assembly includes an elongated tubular cannula having an axially extending lumen therethrough, and a cannula handle attached to the proximal end of the cannula, the cannula handle extending transversely to the axis of the cannula and having a cavity aligned with and open ...

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An artificial skin or bandage is formed from an elastomeric layer which is surfaced by a fibrous wound contacting layer which is first formed into a fabric and subsequently degraded by heat hydrolysis or other degradative treatment into a form which could no longer be formed into a fabric but which ...

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A tissue expander capable of insertion in a human body to induce formation of a pocket into which a mammary prosthesis may be inserted including an expander portion which is flaccid and is adapted to be inflated progressively in the body to induce formation of said pocket, a support plate portion wh ...

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A process is provided for preparing a three dimensional object such as a mandrel for forming envelopes for mammary prostheses or other implantable medical device by dipping the mandrel, etc. The envelopes are provided with micropillars on the exterior surface which resembles the mandrel surface in n ...