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The present invention relates to fluoropolymer tubes which exhibit excellent properties such as strength, wear resistance and dimensional stability when subjected to repeated flexing due to vibration, bending, or the like.

Karl Chan, Brent Lewis, Harold Wylie, Dale Murray: Tamper respondent system. Gore Enterprise Holdings, Allan M Wheatcraft, August 31, 2010: US07787256 (98 worldwide citation)

A tamper respondent system having: a physical volume containing an electronic device to be protected; an at least partially conductive surface proximate to the electronic device; and a tamper respondent sensor over the electronic device (the sensor comprising: a flexible, dielectric substrate; condu ...

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A spring loaded, high frequency, controlled impedance, coaxial probe assembly located within an insulated or conductive housing. A high frequency coaxial probe assembly consisting of a central contact which is fixed or axially floating within a controlled impedance connector body or assembly. A flex ...

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A fuel cell assembly including a porous tubular substrate made from a fluid-permeable material, and a plurality of elongated flexible polymer electrolyte fuel cells wound in side by side relation onto the substrate. Each elongated cell includes a central proton exchange membrane, a cathode element m ...

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A solid polymer electrolyte composite for an electrochemical reaction apparatus that possesses satisfactory ion conduction properties and has excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance, is provided, the solid polymer electrolyte composite is characterized in that a solid polymer electrolyte i ...

Hiroshi Kato: Ion exchange and electrode assembly for an electrochemical cell. Japan Gore Tex, Allan M Wheatcraft, April 25, 2000: US06054230 (52 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a solid polymer ion exchange membrane/electrode assembly, or an electrode/solid polymer ion exchange membrane /electrode assembly, for an electrochemical cell, which consists of planar layers of materials intimately joined together to form a unitary structure. The layers are ...

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A protective acoustic cover assembly including a metal foil with perforations, and a treatment on one or more surfaces of said metal foil. The treatment is a hydrophobic or oleophobic treatment, or both. The protective acoustic cover assembly has an average specific acoustic resistance of less than ...

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The present invention relates to a tamper respondent covering (10) wherein the covering (10) is adapted for mounting on a surface having at least one item (14, 16) disposed thereon, said tamper respondent covering (10) comprising a covering member defining a recess (28), and at least one non-metalli ...

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A substrate having at least one electrical component disposed thereon; a plurality of discrete electrically conductive fastening units disposed in a pattern on the substrate surrounding the at least one electrical component; a board-level electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield comprising an elect ...

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The present invention provides a distinct advancement over presently known ion-exchange composite membranes, and the techniques for making such membranes. In one embodiment of the present invention, this is accomplished by a thin integral composite membrane comprised of a microporous polymer film, s ...