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The invention provides a method and system for providing route guidance information from a base unit to a remote unit in response to a request from the remote unit. The remote unit may be a mobile unit or a fixed unit. A query is formatted at the remote unit, the query including the request, and com ...

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The present invention relates to the isolation of cartilage or bone precursor cells from hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells and their use in bone and cartilage regeneration procedures. The precursor cells are used for in vivo bone or cartilage repair by transplanting the cells, with or withou ...

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An electronic pillow including a pillow unit encasing at least one error microphone and at least one loudspeaker in electrical connection with a controller unit, the pillow unit also including a power source, and a reference sensing unit including at least one reference microphone in electrical conn ...

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The invention relates two general methods for performing PCR amplification, combined with the detection and analysis of the PCR products on a microchip. In the first method, the amplification occurs both outside and within a plurality of gel pads on a microchip, with at least one oligonucleotide pri ...

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Replication defective adenoviral vectors serve as vehicles for genes encoding products that kill cells in which the genes are transferred and activated. The novel vectors include tissue specific promoters, and are successful in targeting mammalian cancer cells, in particular human breast cancer cell ...

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Highly specific and sensitive methods were developed for multiplex amplification of nucleic acids on supports such as microarrays. Based on a specific primer design, methods include five types of amplification that proceed in a reaction chamber simultaneously. These relate to four types of multiplex ...

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This invention relates to using customized oligonucleotide microchips as biosensors for the detection and identification of nucleic acids specific for different genes, organisms and/or individuals in the environment, in food and in biological samples. The microchips are designed to convert multiple ...

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Methods of treating malocclusion and inducing osteogenesis as well as an apparatus for treating malocclusion are described. The methods and apparatus utilize cyclic forces as compared to static forces to achieve their results.

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An improved method of operating a mass spectrometer having a linear ion trap wherein ions are axially ejected from the trap to a detector or subsequent mass analysis stage. The DC barrier field produced at the exit lens of the trap is scanned in conjunction with the scanning of other fields used to ...

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A hoist assembly for raising and lowering a load uses a plurality of flat tensile members and spool drums. A modular hoist system can be adapted to various configurations by mounting a plurality of hoist assemblies in combination.