Thomas A Boswell: Surgical tubing clamp. Alexander Norcross, July 13, 1993: US05226892 (116 worldwide citation)

A clamp for Laprosocopy tubing in surgical procedures. A folded, plastic frame, has a contact adhesive base for non-penetrating affixation to a sterile drape. The foam forms a top and a bottom plate, which are hinged in facing opposition; each contains opposing foam pads for holding, without crimpin ...

William Seemann: Unitary vacuum bag for forming fiber reinforced composite articles. Alexander Norcross, May 31, 1994: US05316462 (96 worldwide citation)

An unitary vacuum bag for forming of a fiber reinforced composite article, made of a curable elastomer, having molded in resin distribution means formed to the specific article to be made. Optional vacuum conduits are molded into the periphery of the bag, causing the bag to be adapted to any number ...

Richard H Hawkins: Apparatus for the reduction of apnaa in the edentulous. Alexander Norcross, May 28, 1991: US05018533 (48 worldwide citation)

A process for reducing the occurrence of apneic episodes in an edentulous person including the steps of determining a neuromuscularly balanced position of the temporal mandibular joint of the edentulous person and shaping an oral appliance to maintain the neuromuscularly balanced position during sle ...

Charles Sims: Apparatus for multisized filter element cartridge insert for paper towel filters. Alexander Norcross, January 14, 1992: US05080791 (26 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for adapting a paper towel filter to utilize a range of paper towel or filter element sizes. A perforated end plate is provided to engage the ends of the filter element. An inwardly sloped truncated conical extension from the center of the end plate extends into the ends of the filter e ...

Paul H Lovell: Diesel injector sleeve remover. Alexander Norcross, February 25, 1992: US05090102 (25 worldwide citation)

A tool for removing a Diesel Injector Sleeve from a Diesel engine head is built of a split, threaded expander section within which is mounted at plunger having an angled end. The plunger extends to form a handle upon which slides a weighted hammer section.

Johnny D Thomas: Container for plants. Alexander Norcross, May 17, 1994: US05311700 (20 worldwide citation)

An improved container for growing and holding plants for transplanting encloses the root ball in a polyurethane liner, which is then supported within a wire mesh outer basket. The polyurethane liner does not rot above ground, yet is permeable, so that the roots in the root ball air prune, forming ex ...

Richard A Marschall: Noise shielded hydrophone. Alexander Norcross, January 10, 1995: US05381382 (18 worldwide citation)

An improved hydrophone body, suitable for forming an array of towed hydrophone bodies or "fish", formed by placing an acoustic shield or scatterer in the nose and tail sections of the hydrophone body to reduce noise coupling from the cable into the hydrophone sensor. This resulting hydrophone has si ...

Charles Sims: Seal for injection molded filter body. Alexander Norcross, May 11, 1993: US05209845 (17 worldwide citation)

A revised sealing structure for an injection molded filter canister, which is resistant to leaks despite the periodic warping of the lid. A nearly square cross-section groove is placed in the body of the filter around the perimeter of the body open end. Within the groove is placed a "lathe cut" gask ...

James A Turrell: Tool to clip together sheet metal ends. Alexander Norcross, June 4, 1991: US05020202 (15 worldwide citation)

A tool for installing a spring clip for clipping together extensions for sheet metal. An angled handle terminates in an extended underlip at an operating end. A jaw having a flat bottom face and a hooked end is pivotally affixed, offset from the underlip. The underlip is curved to form a pushing fac ...

Richard A Marschall: Hydrophone and array thereof. Alexander Norcross, September 18, 1990: US04958329 (15 worldwide citation)

A low noise hydrophone which is towed by a cable and has a smoothly increasing front cross-section to a maximum diameter and a smoothly decreasing rear cross-section. The hydrophone sensor is located in the forward section of the hydrophone such that the varying flexural rigidity and shape of the hy ...