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A cleaning formulation for cleaning stubborn stains comprises an aqueous solution of (a) an alkali metal alkyl sulfate wherein the alkyl is a straight chain of from about 6 to 20 carbon atoms, (b) an alkylated diphenyl oxide sulfonic acid alkali metal salt, such as sodium dodecyl diphenyl oxide disu ...

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Phenothiazine has been found to be an effective gellation inhibitor for thermosettable vinyl ester resins without adversely affecting the catalyzed gel times and cure times as measured by the SPI exotherm test. 7 Claims, No Drawings

Harry Watts: Method of coating seeds to control germination and the resultant coated seeds. The Dow Chemical Company, Albin R Lindstrom, April 6, 1976: US03947996 (19 worldwide citation)

A plant seed having a controlled germination time is prepared by enveloping the seed in a continuous coating of a film forming composition comprising a water insoluble polymer and polyvinyl alcohol with said coating being of a thickness of from about 0.01 to about 0.15 millimeter and having an oxyge ...

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Better wet-out of glass fiber, lower viscosity of the resin mix which allows for higher filler loadings and better stability are the improvements of this invention. The compositions are prepared by an improved process which comprises mixing a vinyl ester resin having pendant half ester groups and a ...

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Polymer in oil emulsions resulting from the water-in-oil emulsion polymerization of water soluble monomers have improved stability when the copolymers of a dialkylaminoalkyl methacrylate or methacrylamide with an alkylacrylate or methacrylate is used as the emulsions stabilizer. 5 Claims, No Drawing ...

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Erosion of soil is inhibited by forming a wind and rain resistant mat thereon by the method whereby a water soluble cellulose ether is dispersed in a latex containing at least 2.0 percent solids of an interpolymer of an alkenyl aromatic monomer, a conjugated diolefin and an unsaturated carboxylic ac ...

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Thermosettable vinyl ester resins which provide improved flexibility and abrasion resistance are prepared by reacting a polyepoxide with a dicarboxylic acid half ester of a monomer having the formula ##EQU1## where R is H or methyl, R.sub.1 is a two to four carbon alkylene group, R.sub.2 is H, methy ...

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Wherein R is alkylene (C.sub.2 -C.sub.20), arylene (C.sub.6 -C.sub.10), alkyl-arylene (C.sub.7 -C.sub.15), alkyl- (C.sub.1 -C.sub.10) or aryl- (C.sub.6 -C.sub.10) thiopolyether; or R and with it X, can be void; R', R', Q' and Q' are, independently in any occurrence, hydrogen or alkyl (C.sub.1-4 ) or ...

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Dispersions of finely divided particulate solids in an organic liquid in which the solids are insoluble are stabilized by the addition of a polymeric dispersant having a degree of polymerization of about 10 to 100. An example of the polymeric dispersant is an interpolymer of styrene, maleic anhydrid ...

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Unsaturated resin compositions, which are curable at elevated temperatures to temperatures below 0.degree. C and which contain a hydroperoxide as the catalyst and a soluble organic vanadium compound as a cure promoter or accelerator, are retarded against gelation without inhibiting the cure by the a ...