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A programming-on-demand cable system is provided which allows any one of a plurality of individual users to request anyone of a plurality of video programs they wish to view from a library of programs, and permits the requested program to be available for viewing on a conventional television set at ...

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A hand grip adapted to be slipped over the metal handles of cooking utensils such as pots and fry pans, having particular application to commercial grade utensils wherein the handles are metal and customarily not provided with a thermally insulating gripping portion. The hand grip is elongated and m ...

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An oven for preparing food comprising an enclosure having a conveyor received therethrough for conveying food to be prepared through the enclosure. Positioned within the enclosure and about the conveyor portion therein are duct devices for impinging heated air against the food product, a plenum adap ...

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A precision thermoplastic filament winding process for forming into pipe or similar articles by winding strands comprised of semi-hardened thermoplastic material on a rotating mandrel to form a layer thereon.

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A high-pressure, continuous-delivery piston pump, controlled as a function of engine speed and load, supplies fuel to an accumulator supplying injectors. On the intake side of the pump, there is provided a throttle for metering the amount of fuel supplied by the pump. Via operating signals, the thro ...

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Plant material (for example, milled hop pellets) is placed in a pressure vessel and carbon dioxide is passed through the vessel in order to extract essential oil and resin components. Said passage is stopped after a predetermined period of time and inert gas(es) is/are used to displace said carbon d ...

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A spinal restraint device which consists of a board-like member which can be placed beneath a patient and secured to the patient as by straps and which includes a head immobilizer or restraint at the head end of the board-like member which is preferably inflatable and which can be placed against opp ...

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The invention relates to a cabinet in which food packages, such as prepared school lunch packages, can be heated prior to serving, and maintained at a desired temperature before and during serving. The cabinet comprises an upwardly opening well closed by removable lids, a housing connected to and su ...

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A token receiving and categorizing system and method which identifies tokens as a particular one of several acceptable tokens or as an unacceptable token includes the performance of a series of measurements of chord lengths on a token and selecting the largest of those chord length measurements for ...

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A partition member of a space-divider wall system having an accessible panel compartment for mounting a plurality of junction boxes and organizing data cable terminal end connections. A displaceably mounted front wall provides user access to the compartment. A plurality of support plate members are ...