Alberto Valli: Peritoneal catheter device for dialysis. Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, March 20, 1984: US04437856 (157 worldwide citation)

A peritoneal catheter device for dialysis comprises a rigid catheter wherearound a membrane is arranged which is permeable for a dialysing liquid and shaped to a substantially balloon-like shape by application of a pressure, such as to expand the area reached by the dialysing liquid.

Stefano Nazari: Device for selective bronchial intubation and separate lung ventilation, particularly during anesthesia, intensive therapy and reanimation. Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, April 11, 1989: US04819664 (133 worldwide citation)

The device comprises: a tracheal tube insertable into the trachea of a patient, and an endobronchial tube, of greater length than the tracheal tube and being insertable into the tracheal tube for reaching, with one of its extremities, one of the principal bronchi. In this way the endobronchial tube ...

Giorgio Baggio: Closure device particularly for ski boots. Nordica S p A, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, February 28, 1984: US04433456 (121 worldwide citation)

The closure device comprises a box-like body associated with one of the ski boot flaps to be brought together and provided with a knob for actuating a spool whereon at least one small cable associated with the other of the flaps to be brought together is wound. Also provided is a ratchet gear mechan ...

Giorgio Mezzoli: Nasal and/or rhinopharyngeal tampon. Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, Daniel O Byrne, February 21, 1995: US05391179 (104 worldwide citation)

Nasal and/or rhinopharyngeal tampon including an elongated core, with aspiration holes, around which there is a shaped body made of elastic spongy material covered by a thin deformable membrane made of impermeable material; the core has a stem for connection to an aspiration unit suitable to make th ...

Luciano Belli, Ezio Toja: Machine for assembling shoe uppers directly on assembly forms. Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, August 3, 1976: US03972086 (104 worldwide citation)

A machine for assembling uppers directly on assembly forms which comprises means for removably blocking at least a form against rotation and translation, means for holding an upper predisposed for string lasting assemblage and an insole which is externally covered with glue on the form, grasping mem ...


Alessandro Pozzobon: Ski boot with an operating assembly for the closing and adjustment devices. Nordica S p A, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, May 3, 1988: US04741115 (92 worldwide citation)

The ski boot with an operating assembly for the closing and adjustment devices comprises a power source supported by the ski boot and operating a driving gearwheel which is selectively engageable with driven gearwheels for the winding of cables of closing and/or adjustment devices of the boot. Membe ...

Alessandro Pozzobon, Giorgio Baggio: Ski boot. Nordica S p A, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, July 21, 1987: US04680878 (89 worldwide citation)

This ski boot comprises a boot shell having a front gaiter and a rear gaiter associated therewith, as well as a lever element which is pivoted at one end to either of said gaiters, preferably the rear gaiter, for rotation about the pivot axis. Journalled to a middle portion of the lever element is a ...

Antonio Callerio: Bioconditioning device for objects with surfaces susceptible of making contact with body parts. F I M A C Fabbrica Italiana Macchine Aria Compressa, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, April 4, 1995: US05403065 (86 worldwide citation)

Bioconditioning device for objects, such as seats, couches, particular items of clothing and the like, with surfaces susceptible of making contact with body parts. The device includes at least one surface layer made of permeable material, susceptible of making contact with a body part, and at least ...

Mario Polegato: Sole structure for footwear. Pol Scarpe Sportive S r l, Guido Modiano, Albert Josif, September 3, 1991: US05044096 (85 worldwide citation)

The sole structure comprises a lower part with a tread, preferably made of rubber or other synthetic material, and having holes formed therein which traverse its thickness. The lower part is covered by a membrane made of microporous, waterproof material which permits transpiration. The structure is ...