David F Corral: Orthotopic intraventricular heart pump. Alan W Lintel, August 18, 1992: US05139517 (73 worldwide citation)

An intraventricular pump (IVP) is a surgically-implanted orthotoxic heart pump capable of augmenting either one or both of the heart's ventricles. The IVP pumps blood using an internal diaphragm which is hydrualically activated by a physiologically-controlled pacemaker pump system. The entire system ...

Gilbert W Burnett, Paul D Jackson: Four-sided air filter. Air Purification Products International, Jerry W Mills, Alan W Lintel, June 7, 1988: US04749390 (63 worldwide citation)

A filtering unit (10) has four filter holders (20) arranged in a rectangle around a blower (36). Each filter holder holds up to two filter elements (11). The blower draws air through the filter elements (11) and outputs filtered air through a vent (40). Refillable filter frames (16) are provided to ...

Robert L Nichols: Stackable medical instrument sterilizer container. Jerry W Mills, Jefferson Perkins, Alan W Lintel, March 1, 1988: US04728504 (60 worldwide citation)

A medical instruments sterilization container (10) includes a housing (12) and a removable dome-shaped lid (14) having a filtered inlet port (18) disposed therethrough for permitting the passage of gas or steam into housing (12). A removable tray (16) is adapted to be disposed within housing (12) to ...

Stephen J Williams, Elden D Traster: Adaptive digital network interface. Aristacom International, Jerry W Mills, Alan W Lintel, November 21, 1989: US04882727 (32 worldwide citation)

A multiplexing data commmunication system (10) provides for communication between a plurality of microcomputer terminals (12) with a host computer (30). Communications from the microcomputer (12) are multiplexed over a Tl line (26) between two DMI interfaces (22 and 24). The DMI interface (24) inclu ...

Donald M Mauldin, Richard E Jones, Dwain R Faso: Pivoting knee brace with rotating and translating tibia collar. 3D Orthopedic, Jerry W Mills, Alan W Lintel, June 21, 1988: US04751920 (24 worldwide citation)

A knee brace (10) is provided with a thigh collar (12) and a tibia collar (40) for securing the brace to the user's leg. A hinge (20) is connected to the thigh collar (12) and the tibia collar (40) in order to allow extension and flexion of the leg. The tibia collar (40) is connected to the hinge (2 ...

Ronnie E Scott: Fluorescent light holster. Alan W Lintel, August 22, 1989: US04858763 (12 worldwide citation)

A light bulb holster (10) is provided in which pockets (18,36) are used to hold a plurality of tubular bulbs (22). A flap (28) is operable to cover the top ends of the bulbs (22) during transport and to secure the holster (10) to a ladder brace at the work site.

Martin D Cherrington: Method and apparatus for cleaning a bore hole using a rotary pump. Cherrington Corporation, Alan W Lintel, July 27, 1993: US05230388 (10 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for removing debris from a bore hole comprises a housing having apertures formed therein such that rotation of the housing causing entrapment of the cuttings from the bore hole. The positive displacement pump comprises a rotor surrounded by a stator coupled to the housing such that rota ...

Donald M Mauldin, Richard E Jones III: Passive mobilizer. Jerry W Mills, Alan W Lintel, December 29, 1987: US04715361 (6 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for passively exercising the human extremities includes an elongate track (16) comprising a tubular housing (46) having a slot formed in the bottom thereof. A lead screw (62) is longitudinally disposed in the housing and a carriage (26) is threadably engaged with the lead screw (62). The c ...

Edward J Relder: Image intensifier tube with integral CCD digital readout. Varo, Jerry W Mills, Alan W Lintel, January 24, 1989: US04799911 (5 worldwide citation)

A CCD (12) or other photoelectronic device is bonded to an image tube housing (26) to provide a digital output from the image tube (19). The housing (26) and cathode (19) are degassed in chambers (44 and 42) at a high temperature and low pressure. A load lock chamber (46) is degassed and evacuated t ...

Brian Osborne, Charles A Priddy: Method and apparatus for logically reconstructing incomplete records in a database using a transaction log. Vinson & Elkins, Alan W Lintel, August 8, 2002: US20020107837-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention reconstructs and illustrates incomplete change records by initially selecting an initial change record. The initial change record describes a change made to a target data object located at a target location in an electronic database. Next, a transaction log associated with the ...