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A paper forming fabric having two layers of synthetic weft strands with interwoven synthetic warp strands and approximately 100% warp fill. The upper layer of the fabric comprises a regular array of mesh openings in which the distance between consecutive openings measured in the weft direction is ne ...

Ian F Fairlie: Heating system for chairs. Melvin Sher, Alan Swabey, Robert E Mitchell, January 13, 1981: US04245149 (98 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a heating element for a heated chair which can be used as a covering material for the heated chair or which can be laid under the covering material or which can be draped over an ordinary chair to convert it to a heated chair. In accordance with the invention, the heating el ...

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An improved dryer fabric, woven entirely from monofilament plastic polymeric warp and weft strands, having a lower permeability to air flow and lower modulus of elasticity than normal fabrics, wherein at least the warp strands are flattened in cross-section, with the long axis of the flattened secti ...

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An integral elongated symmetrical roller of overall circular cross-section throughout made up of a pair of spaced apart annular traction rings intervened by inwardly tapering studded base surfaces of lesser diameter each meeting a central annular studded ridge. The ends of the roller may be provided ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for the extrusion of a thermoplastic material in modified form in which the thermoplastic material is introduced into the barrel of a screw extruder, and is heated and forced through the barrel: the material is passed through valve means which together with the te ...

Philip Lawrence Samis: Positive identification method and structure. Alan Swabey & Co, June 7, 1977: US04027391 (51 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method to assist in the identification of a living body which comprises selecting a carrier, transcribing information as to the identity of the body on the carrier, and fixing the carrier to a hard mineralized portion of the body. The structure includes a miniaturi ...

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A method of purveying food in which a variety of foods are cooked and frozen in disposable containers of ovenable sheet material each having a mouth surrounded by an outstanding lip and preferably a removable cover. At the time of serving, a plurality of the containers of frozen food are selected, t ...

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The invention relates to a woven all-synthetic monofilament dryer fabric for use in a paper-making machine. The fabric is constituted by a belt woven with warp and weft strands with the warp strands extending in the machine direction. The belt is interconnected at opposed ends by a woven single pint ...

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A package having an improved means for releasably retaining the components of the package in assembly. Known similar package constructions require the use of additional material and necessitate the performance of additional manufacturing operations in order to provide closure flaps situated at oppos ...

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An auxiliary elevated wedge-shaped mattress of a resilient open cell synthetic resin foam having a sloping surface long enough to give support to the head, neck and thorax of a reclining patient with his legs supported by the horizontal mattress.