Thomas A Shields: Blister package. USM Corporation, Alan N McCartney, February 12, 1985: US04499353 (67 worldwide citation)

A reusable container formed from a transparent material and having hinged top and bottom portions, the bottom portion have a flange formed with an circumferentially disposed inverted U-shaped shoulder merging into an enlarged article carrying section. The top portion having a flange with a recessed ...

Charles J Gioia, Mario Gioia: Paint tray and container apparatus. Alan N McCartney, March 2, 1976: US03940824 (56 worldwide citation)

A combination paint tray and container therefore, wherein the tray is attached to the upper edge of one side of the container with the tray and the open end of the container forming an incline with respect to the upstanding sides of the container. The bottom of the tray has mounted thereon a hook ad ...

Ahmed A El Saie: Method and apparatus for drilling and separating. Consolidation Coal Company, Alan N McCartney, June 6, 1989: US04836611 (53 worldwide citation)

A combination borehole drilling apparatus and a separator for receiving a three phase gas, liquid and solid mixture, from the borehole, and venting the gas, separating the liquid from the solid, collecting and discharging the solid and recycling the liquid to the borehole drilling apparatus.

Nicholas M Benedetti: Clip for securing a panel to a support. USM Corporation, Alan N McCartney, September 6, 1983: US04402118 (43 worldwide citation)

A generally "U" or "V" shaped clip type fastener adapted to secure a projection on one part in an opening or aperture in another part. The fastener has a lead portion for insertion into the opening with locking tabs for attachment to the projection and a trailing locking portion which passes over th ...

Stephen L Bessinger, Michael G Nelson: Apparatus and method for mapping entry conditions in remote mining systems. Consolidation Coal Co, Alan N McCartney, December 5, 1989: US04884847 (36 worldwide citation)

The method and apparatus for mapping mine excavation or tunnel entry conditions by mounting an array of sensors on a vehicle some of which provide knowledge of the vehicle location in the entry and others of which provide knowledge of entry conditions and by interpreting data collected from the sens ...

Richard W Oefinger: Control valve for a mandrel collection system. USM Corporation, Alan N McCartney, July 8, 1986: US04598571 (30 worldwide citation)

A heavy duty power operated blind rivet setting tool having a mandrel collection system for drawing the pulled mandrel through the tool to a collection canister at the rear of the tool. The tool is operated by a primary air supply and the mandrel collection system is operated by a secondary air supp ...

Richard F Hirsch: Fastener presentation device. USM Corporation, Alan N McCartney, June 3, 1986: US04592136 (28 worldwide citation)

A device for automatically presenting fasteners in a predetermined disposition comprising a container for the fasteners which presents the fasteners to a rotary drum which raises the fasteners upwardly for deposit into a chute. The fasteners are fed down the chute to a ramp which positions individua ...

Dieter Mauer, Peter Potzas: Setting tool for rivet with pull-headed mandrel. USM Corporation, Alan N McCartney, December 16, 1986: US04628722 (24 worldwide citation)

A blind-riveting tool for setting pull-type rivet assemblies of the kind which has a pulling head on the mandrel comprises abutment member and mandrel-pulling means each with a collet, the latter inside the former, resiliently urged open to admit a mandrel and arranged to be closed by advance of an ...

Stanley R Vancelette, Waldo B Hanson, John W Dacey: Tape stripper for electrical component tape feeder. USM Corporation, Alan N McCartney, May 6, 1986: US04586670 (23 worldwide citation)

A mechanism for stripping the tape carrying an electrical component to expose the component for removal from the tape. The cover strip is removed from the tape to expose the component and the tape is passed between guides that retain the component in the tape until removed therefrom.

Peter Potzas: Pull-type blind-riveting assemblies. USM Corporation, Alan N McCartney, November 4, 1986: US04620825 (19 worldwide citation)

A split-setting pull-type blind-riveting assembly comprising a hollow rivet and a mandrel. The underside of the mandrel head is frusto-conical and terminates at flat surfaces normal to the mandrel stem. A portion of the mandrel stem adjoining said plane is squared off so that its corners deform the ...