John S Kent, Danny H Lewis, Lynda M Sanders, Thomas R Tice: Microencapsulation of water soluble active polypeptides. Syntex, Ellen J Wise, Tom M Moran, Alan Krubiner, June 23, 1987: US04675189 (333 worldwide citation)

This invention concerns novel sustained release microcapsule compositions comprising water-soluble, hormonally active polypeptides and, optionally, a polymer hydrolysis modifying agent encapsulated in a biocompatible, biodegradable polymer.

Richard E Jones, Gisela T Haringer: Stable, crystalline flunisolide. Syntex Pharmaceuticals International, Elizabeth Manning, Tom Moran, Alan Krubiner, June 12, 1990: US04933168 (8 worldwide citation)

A unique crystalline polymorphic form of flunisolide is disclosed which is stable in aerosols such as Freon.RTM. mixtures and is valuable in the treatment of respiratory diseases, particularly bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis.


Robin D Clark, L David Waterbury: Method for treating intraocular hypertension. Syntex, Karl Bozicevic, Tom M Moran, Alan Krubiner, July 11, 1989: US04847269 (4 worldwide citation)

Intraocular hypertensive diseases such as glaucoma are treated with compounds represented by formula I ##STR1## or a pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salt thereof, wherein