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The present invention provides methods and devices for controlled delivery of a therapeutic agent to an internal cavity of the ear, particularly to the inner ear. In general, the invention uses a drug delivery unit for inner ear treatment which employs a portion of carrier media material containing ...

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The present invention features methods and devices for modulating the rate of delivery of a drug formulation from a drug delivery device by diverting drug away from a drug delivery pathway. In one embodiment, a flow regulator is positioned relative to a drug delivery pathway of a drug delivery syste ...

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A long-term implantable arterio-venous shunt device or creation of a fistula is provided that can be used as a therapeutic method for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The shunt device is implanted between an artery and a vein, preferably between a peripheral artery and the infe ...

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A long-term implantable arterio-venous shunt device is provided that can be used as a therapeutic method. The shunt device is implanted between an artery and a vein, preferably between the aorta and the inferior vena cava. The shunt device decreases the systemic vascular resistance and allows a bloo ...

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Devices and systems for capturing and removing accumulated gas bubbles in a liquid-carrying line wherein the device is an expanded double-layered chamber designed and adapted to be integrally placed within the flow pathway of a liquid-carrying line. The device allows insertion of tubes and wires thr ...


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A device that automatically compensates for heat-induced sag in a suspended line by using a shape memory alloy actuator. As the actuator it is heated, it contracts, producing a pulling force in the line, and thereby reducing sag.

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A multi-layer wax bar for waxing a surf board, that includes both a higher melting point base coat wax and a second topcoat wax in the same bar. The two waxes are bonded together so that the surfer can carry a single bar of wax into the water and use it to apply both the base coat and the topcoat of ...

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A needle housing having a distal end which is removably connectable to a source of injectable fluid and a proximal end for contacting a patient, as well as to an injection apparatus comprising the needle housing. The needle housing comprises (a) a hollow needle through which the injectable fluid is ...