Oz Gabai, Jacob Gabai, Nimrod Sanlerman, Nathan Weiss: Methods and apparatus for integration of interactive toys with interactive television and cellular communication systems. Creator, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, August 10, 2004: US06773344 (330 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for integrating interactive toys with interactive television and cellular communication systems are described. Interactive toys have real time conversations with users, preferably employing speech recognition. Interactive toys are preferably connected to at least one interactiv ...

Maurizio Claudio Varalli, Alessandro Poscia: Apparatus for measurement and control of the content of glucose, lactate or other metabolites in biological fluids. Menarini Industrie Farmaceutiche Riunite S r L, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, September 9, 2003: US06618603 (218 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the continuous measurement of glucose and lactate in interstitial fluids including a glucose measurement cell, an A/D conversion block, a memory block and a bi-directional communication between the interface block and an external calculation unit.

Steven Brian Johnson: Prize awarding system. Neurizon, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, November 22, 2005: US06966834 (190 worldwide citation)

Periodic prize draws are conducted by a jackpot controller (13) in a gaming system having one or more electronic gaming devices (10), where the probability of each electronic gaming device winning a particular prize draw is dependent upon the amount wagered on that gaming machine during a determined ...

Oz Gabai, Moshe Cohen, Jacob Gabai, Dov Shlomo Eylath, Nimrod Sandlerman: Interactive talking toy. Creator, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, September 18, 2001: US06290566 (184 worldwide citation)

A toy with developing skills, the toy including a fanciful figure having a capacity to perform an action, and action control circuitry operative to control the fanciful figure to perform the action at different levels of skill at different times.

Amir Lehr, Ilan Atias, Dror Korcharz, David Pincu: Structure cabling system. Powerdsine, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, October 29, 2002: US06473608 (183 worldwide citation)

This invention discloses a local area network including a hub, a plurality of nodes, communication cabling connecting the plurality of nodes to the hub for providing data communication, and a power supply distributor operative to provide at least some operating power to at least some of the pluralit ...

Richard Markson: Shelf organizer display. Markson Rosenthal & Company, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, October 7, 1997: US05673801 (181 worldwide citation)

A shelf organizer is provided for the storage and dispensing of a plurality of individual products. The shelf organizer is connected to the store fixture by a slide assembly which readily permits its movement between a retracted and extended position relative to the store fixture. A plurality of ide ...

Dror Lapidot, Jonathan Silverberg: Traffic monitoring system and methods for traffic monitoring and route guidance useful therewith. Decell, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, December 3, 2002: US06490519 (167 worldwide citation)

A traffic monitoring system for monitoring traffic including a population of users bearing a multiplicity of mobile communication devices, and methods useful for monitoring traffic, the system including a mobile communication network interface receiving, from at least one communication network servi ...

Donald Fisher: Golf computer and golf replay device. Roblor Marketing Group, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, April 16, 1996: US05507485 (154 worldwide citation)

A portable computer to facilitate the game of golf is programmed to record a golfer's score and keep track of various shots and the results of related wagering. Based upon such data and data regarding the layout of the golf course, the computer can provide real time recommendations for club selectio ...

Oz Gabai, Jacob Gabai, Nimrod Sandlerman: Method for using a toy to conduct sales over a network. Creator, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, April 9, 2002: US06368177 (133 worldwide citation)

There is provided a method for using a toy for effecting sales over a public network, the method comprising: providing a toy having interactive speaking and listening functionality; connecting the toy via a public network to at least one server having transactional functionality; and effecting sales ...

Zohar Avrahami, Ze&apos ev Sohn: Monopolar and bipolar current application for transdermal drug delivery and analyte extraction. Transpharma, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, August 26, 2003: US06611706 (132 worldwide citation)

A device for facilitating transdermal passage of a substance through skin on the body of a subject is provided. The device preferably includes afcn electrode and a control unit. In a preferred embodiment, the control unit is adapted to drive the electrode to apply to the skin a current capable of ab ...

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