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A file system and method serves to create and manage content. The file system includes at least one directory having at least one file containing data, but about which at least one file has no information. A repository of metadata provides information about the data in the files. Phantom files are c ...

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Apparatus for distributing radio frequency (RF) modulated broadcast television signals from a broadcast signal source to networked appliances connected to the source through a plurality of single conductor coaxial cables, simultaneously with distributing unmodulated digital signals and RF modulated ...

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Data is migrated from an original host storage system to another replacement host storage system with minimal client impact on a network. An original host storage system is connected directly to the replacement host storage system which is in turn connected to the network. Data migration occurs whil ...

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A method of extracting and transforming a business rule which is a self contained section of legacy code focused on the computation of specific business policy includes identifying the business rule. Thereafter, the business rule code is located in the existing program and extracted in human readabl ...

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A fiber optic connector includes a connector assembly for connecting a fiber optic cable thereto. The connector assembly includes an arrangement whereby the cable can be crimped and attached to the connector without crimping force being exerted on the buffer layer of the cable. The connecting end of ...

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A system and method of diagnosis provides that data from a hematopathology analyzer, e.g., hematology analyzer and/or other blood testing instrument or test, is input and compared with patterns corresponding to specific patient conditions. The matched patterns are arranged in a hierarchy in accordan ...

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An improved paint ball gun and improved rotary breech, regulator, control valve, power piston and power valve assemblies for utilization in paint ball guns or related devices. The paint ball gun eliminates moving metal to metal surfaces to provide a consistent operation and easy regulation. The pain ...

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A method for beneficially restructuring water and its contents for consumptions by organisms. The method involves subjecting water for a period of time to an electromagnetic field of a specific flux density varying from 10

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A fiber optic cable connector is disclosed which will prevent the filament from being dislocated from the polished front contacting surface of the connector although the filament tends to move relative to the cable jacket in lengthwise direction of the cable under temperature change or bending influ ...