Dan Schlager, William B Baringer: Self-locating remote monitoring systems. Zoltar Satellite Alarm Systems, Robert Buckley, October 5, 1999: US05963130 (228 worldwide citation)

A self-locating remote monitoring system (750) includes a supervising base station (754) and one or more remote monitoring units (752). A remote unit (752) includes a navigational receiver (756) operating with an existing navigational system for providing a remote unit location (759) and includes a ...

Dan Schlager, William B Baringer: Multi-hazard alarm system using selectable power-level transmission and localization. Zoltar Satellite Alarm Systems, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks PC, December 18, 2008: US20080311882-A1

A personal alarm system includes a monitoring base station and one or more remote sensing units in two-way radio communication. An electronic handshake between the base station and each remote unit is used to assure system reliability. The remote units transmit at selectable power levels. In the abs ...

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