Ren Shimao, Zhang Youqiu, Song Rong& 39, An: Nutritious vermicelli and jelly of spitulina and their production process. Zhang Youqiu, jiang meng, March 28, 2001: CN99112438

The spirulina nutrient vermicelli and sheet jelly are made up by using (wt%) 80-95% of starch and 0.5-15% of spirulina powder as raw material through the processes of mixing them, adding water to make them into paste-like maxture, extrusion-forming by means of extruding machine, drying to obtain sem ...

Zhang Youqiu: Flying wing with tongue plate and its spray type air cushion. Zhang Youqiu, December 28, 1988: CN88101826

The present invention provides a device for sports and recreation. The flying wings are fitted on people's two arms so as to make people hovering in the air by means of manpower and the auxiliary thrust of a jet type air cushion. The flying wing utilizes unidirectional air-current choke principle. U ...

Zhang Youqiu: Swingable flying wing with tongue-like plate and its complete set equipment-jet cushion. Zhang Youqiu, February 24, 1988: CN87103408

The present invention relates to a tool for physical culture and entertainment. The invention is characteristered by that the flying wing is set on two arms of a man and the man may fly in the sky by means of man power and the auxiliary force generated by air cushion. The flying wing is based on the ...

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