Sutherland Michael, Yokoi Koyo: Medical archive library and method. Tdk Electronics Corporation, Sutherland Michael, Yokoi Koyo, BOSWELL Mary Jane, September 21, 2006: WO/2006/099475 (13 worldwide citation)

A low-cost scaleable turnkey system and method for archiving medical image data. The archive system and method permits the selective storing of medical data (including image data) received from a medical modality (e.g., CT, MRI, etc.) onto a removable medium (e.g., DVD or Blu-ray), which may subsequ ...

Sutherland Michael, Yokoi Koyo: Removable media recording station for the medical industry. Tdk Electronics Corporation, Sutherland Michael, Yokoi Koyo, THESZ J Michael, April 6, 2000: WO/2000/019416

A removable medium recording station records medical image data in a format and removable medium that are widely accepted. The removable medium recording station can be used to effectively replace an installed storage device on an existing stand-alone medical image workstation. Storage onto removabl ...

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