Heckele Helmut, Hahnle Friederich: Remote movement of manipulator end effector. Wolf Richard, May 31, 1995: GB2284242-A (351 worldwide citation)

The manipulator is for medical manipulations or investigations in body cavities. It has an operator part 20, a working arm 10 connected to the operator part at one end and an effector part 30 attached to the other end of the working arm. The working arm 10 comprises an external shaft tube 1, a first ...

Forceps instruments. Wolf Richard, October 13, 1976: GB1452185-A (220 worldwide citation)

1452185 Surgical clip applicator RICHARD WOLF GmbH 13 May 1974 [19 May 1973] 21145/74 Heading A5R A surgical clip applicator for fitting tantalum clips to seal off Fallopian tubes comprises a hollow central viewing tube having forceps jaws mounted on diametrically opposed sides at the distal end, a ...



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1490585 Cauteries; surgical cutting, devices RICHARD WOLF GmbH 20 May 1975 [30 May 1974] 21651/75 Heading A5R A device for removing, dividing or coagulating tissue, comprises two electrical conductors 2, 3 extending through an insulating sheath 4 and connectible proximally to a source of H.F. curren ...

Endoscopes. Wolf Richard, April 2, 1980: GB2030313-A (123 worldwide citation)

An endoscope for 360 DEG observation, has a lens system 1 or an optical fibre system for the image, and a fibre light conductor 4 surrounding the imaging system 1 to illuminate the subject. A cylindrical glass ring 9' for diffusively dispersing the light and surrounding the distal extremity of the o ...

Trocar guides. Wolf Richard, August 17, 1977: GB1482857-A (89 worldwide citation)

1482857 Trocar guides RICHARD WOLF GmbH 9 Sept 1975 [10 Sept 1974] 37138/75 Heading A5R [Also in Division F2] A trocar guide comprises a tube having a widened portion which forms a housing between the proximal and distal parts 2, 1 respectively of said tube, said housing accommodating a flap valve c ...

Bonnet Ludwig: Endoscope and auxiliary instrument with a deflectable leading end. Wolf Richard, July 17, 1985: GB2151142-A (78 worldwide citation)

An endoscope has a passage (8) through which passes a shaft (4) of an auxiliary instrument such as a probe, forceps or bundle of glass fibres. The auxiliary instrument has an angularly movable leading end portion (2) connected to the shaft (4) by a flexible intermediate portion (3). The angular posi ...


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Medical forceps are described, comprising a fixed jaw part (3) and a swivellable jaw part (2), which are assigned a fixed grip part (6) and a swivellable grip part (5). For the purpose of delimiting the pressure force which may be produced at the jaw parts (2,3), the swivellable grip part (5) is div ...