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A method and apparatus for monitoring blood glucose levels. In the preferred embodiment a glucose diffusion-limited fuel cell is implanted in a living body. The output current of the fuel cell is proportional to the glucose concentration of the body fluid electrolyte and is therefore directly indica ...

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The strain relief device is used in combination with a metal electronic cable-connector assembly for high temperature applications and high mechanical shock application. The strain relief shrouds and protects the weld or braze between the cable and connector and also extends over a length of the cab ...

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The method comprises explosively expanding a first metallic sleeve into engagement with a severely eroded section of a tube and thereafter explosively expanding a second metallic sleeve of approximately the same diameter as the first sleeve into engagement with the first sleeve to cover cracks forme ...

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A digital switching system is provided for coupling with one or more external specific physical interface data signal sources regardless of signal protocol, and includes input subsystems for receiving and processing the data signal sources into data cells, a data multiplexer for multiplexing the pro ...

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The device comprises a male plug and a female receptacle, each of which has a housing with an electrically insulative central tubular component and a cavity extending through and adapted to receive an electrical conduit. When the plug and receptacle are joined together, electrical conduit ends dispo ...

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Light sensitive ink compositions suitable for ink jet printing on metal, plastic, or paper surfaces, the ink characterized by opaque properties in light, incorporating in solution, at least one diazo derivative and at least one solvent.

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A queue length measurement device that is comprised of a number of queues that are capable of holding data cells. A differential counter is coupled to each queue. The counter is incremented when a cell is written into the queue and decremented when a cell is read from the queue. An interval measurem ...

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The mattress includes a hollow, elongated, fluid-inflated mattress body which may be permanently inflated or inflatable and deflatable by connection with a suitable inflation device. The mattress also includes a selectively inflatable patient support component which is disposed generally centrally o ...

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Ink compositions suitable for ink jet printing on metal, plastic, or paper surfaces, the ink characterized by fluorescent properties in ultraviolet light, incorporating, in solution, a resin component, at least one solvent, proportioned to give the ink properties of heat and steam resistance, said i ...

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An improved lightweight molded container of relatively high load-bearing capacity and easy assembly and disassembly is provided which comprises an upper enclosure slideably engaged with a lower tray through mating tapered flanges. The container is formed from a single hollow container body molded wi ...