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The architecture of a conventional digital computer, for example, a microprocessor, is modified by interposing a multiplexer (31), a logic array (32) and a demultiplexer (33) between the instruction register (17) and instruction decoder (18). The logic array "scrambles" the bits in each instruction ...

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Each lead frame in a continuous strip of lead frames is formed with opposed pairs of integral and subsequently removable aligning tabs for locating a substrate on the lead frame such that leads of the lead frame and respective terminals on the substrate are in alignment. The aligning tabs initially ...

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A nonreflecting photomask comprises a pattern of an anodized, film-forming material on a transparent substrate. The thickness of the anodic oxide is chosen such that when the mask is employed in selectively exposing a photoresist-coated body to light (by placing the oxide against the photoresist), d ...

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An electroluminescent display device includes at least two elongated, conductive contacts substantially adjacent to and spaced from each other with at least two substantially coextensive ends. A light-emitting element is electrically coupled between the coextensive ends. An elongated insulating base ...

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A carrier tape (20) is provided for assembling components to make semiconductor devices. The tape (20) is made from soft, copper foil (21). Patterns (27) containing clusters (24) of inner leads (28) and (30) are accurately formed into tape (20) for bonding to chips (52).

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An articulated robot arm (10) comprises n arm sections (13, 16, 18, 21) pivotally mounted one to the other. A plurality of independently controlled servomotors (12, 14, 17, 19) at each of the arm joints moves the tip (22) of the arm towards the desired location. All arm angles are measured with resp ...

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Modes are filtered in an optical waveguide by selecting and providing a periodic variation, such as a surface corrugation or a refractive index variation, in a filter region in the waveguide. The filter region diverts light in an unwanted mode from the propagation axis by scattering or reflection. B ...

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A method is disclosed for controlling the delivery of vapor from a bubbler containing a supply of liquid through which a carrier gas is bubbled and from which bubbler vapor is delivered in a vapor stream entrained with the carrier gas. The method comprises the steps of sensing the ratio of vapor to ...

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In a telephone switching system wherein a plurality of line circuits are terminated in station sets, the line circuits are interconnectable to a plurality of trunk circuits through a multistage switching network. A call originated by a calling party to a called party, engaged in a conversation with ...

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A technique isdescribed for removing defects and disorder from crystalline layers and the epitaxial regrowth of such layers. The technique involves depositing short term bursts of energy over a limited spatial region of a material thereby annealing the otherwise damaged material and causing it to ep ...