Gripping devices. Werkzeugmasch Okt Veb, January 29, 1975: GB1382444-A (11 worldwide citation)

1382444 Grippers for tool or workpiece-changing WERKZEUGMASCHINENKOMBINAT 7 OKTOBER BERLIN VEB 28 Jan 1972 4103/72 Heading B3B [Also in Division B8] A gripping device, which may be used in tool or workpiece-changing apparatus or for transporting in a production system, has at least two gripping jaws ...

Bunge Gunter, Fleischer Lothar, Meyer Wolfgang, Herberger Jurgen, Rietschel Klaus, Schafer Harry, Schlegel Bernd, Simon Walter, Weigelt Peter: Apparatus and method for monitoring machining conditions of a machine tool. Werkzeugmasch Okt Veb, December 5, 1984: GB2140951-A (8 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and a method for monitoring the machining conditions of a machine tool by the continual sequential measurement of a plurality of physical magnitudes characterising the machining process, and the combination of abnormal values which are detected being evaluated to indicate a condition ident ...

Multi-spindle automatic lathes. Werkzeugmasch Okt Veb, November 6, 1974: GB1373152-A (5 worldwide citation)

1373152 Multi-spindle lathes WERKZEUGMASCHINENKOMBINAT "7 OKTOBER" BERLIN VEB 8 Feb 1972 5821/72 Heading B3T A multi-spindle automatic lathe comprises a bed 1 with a headstock 2 and an end frame 3 facing the headstock, the headstock carrying an indexable, spindle drum 4 with a plurality of rotary wo ...

Mass production of workpieces especially gear wheels. Werkzeugmasch Okt Veb, December 18, 1974: GB1377966-A (4 worldwide citation)

1377966 Automatic electric control WERKZEUGMASCHINENKOMBINAT "7 OKTOBER" BERLIN VEB 2 Dec 1971 56026/71 Heading G3N An automated factory, Fig.1, comprises a complex 1 for gear blank turning and testing, a complex 2 for gear hobbing and cleaning, a complex 3 for induction hardening and a complex 4 fo ...

Machine tools for grinding cylindrical workpieces. Werkzeugmasch Okt Veb, September 18, 1974: GB1367091-A (4 worldwide citation)

1367091 Grinding WERKZEUGMASCHINENKOMBINAT 7 OKTOBER BERLIN VEB 19 Jan 1972 [21 Jan 1971] 2849/71 Heading B3D A machine tool for grinding a cylindrical workpiece 14 comprises a table 13 mounted for longitudinal sliding movement on a bed and carrying a workspindle 6 with a device at one end for clamp ...

Measuring instrument. Werkzeugmasch Okt Veb, May 15, 1974: GB1353441-A (4 worldwide citation)

1353441 Caliper gauges WERKZEUGMASCHINENKOMBINAT 7 OCTOBER BERLIN VEB 7 April 1972 16143/72 Heading G1M An electric motor 16 may be operated to rotate a screw 17 and withdraw a nut 18 from a supporting position beneath a weight 14, so that the weight acts through a metal band 13 to pull up a slider ...


Clamping devices for machine tools. Werkzeugmasch Okt Veb, June 5, 1974: GB1355807-A (3 worldwide citation)

1355807 Clamping device WERKZEUGMASCHINENKOMBINAT "7 OKTOBER" BERLIN VEB 2 Nov 1971 [15 Dec 1970] 59540/70 Heading B3B A clamping device adapted to be secured to a workspindle 5 of a machine tool for alignment and clamping of a self-centering chuck in the form of a clamping disc 13 operates as follo ...