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A method for the treatment of cancer in mammals. A subject afflicted with cancer receives by oral administration a pH modified citrus pectin which inhibits metastasis of primary tumors.

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A method and apparatus for delivering oxygen into an environment of interest, such as blood plasma, having the characteristic of a low concentration of oxygen before delivery. The method includes the steps of preparing a mixture of oxygen and a liquid, compressing the mixture so that the oxygen diss ...

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A biplane ultrasound probe (10) including an outer casing (12) having a longitudinal axis and an inner member (14) mounted within the outer casing (12). A pair of scanning transducers (16,18) are mounted on the inner member (14) for respectively ultrasound scanning different orthogonal planes (23,25 ...

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A surgically implantable shunt system 20 is provided for controlling fluid flow from a relatively high pressure region to a low pressure region. The system 20 includes a rigid housing 22 defining a sealed chamber 24 therewithin, the housing 22 having an inlet port 26 in fluid communication with the ...

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A system and method for delivering a gas-supersaturated fluid comprising a fluid reservoir, a fluid pump, a gas source, a high pressure gas exchanger, and one or more arrays of capillary channels is disclosed. Suitable controls such as differential pressure gauge and valves are provided to maintain ...

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A system and method for increasing gas concentration in blood which has use as a generalized extracorporeal system and method to treat hypoxemic blood from a patient by mixing the blood with an oxygen supersaturated solution to generate hyperoxemic blood to be infused back to the patient. The extrac ...

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Synergistic anti-microbial compositions containing a mixture of a metal complex of a polyfunctional organic liqand and a biocidal composition which contains or releases a lower aldehyde containing 1 to 5 carbon atoms are described. The compositions are particularly useful as metal working fluids at ...

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Certain embodiments of the present invention relate to methods for detecting lung cancer.

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A thermal imaging system for detecting cracks and defects in a component. An electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) is coupled to the component, and introduces pulsed sound signals therein. The sound signals cause the defects to heat up. The IR radiation from the heated pulses is detected by a t ...

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A two-phase cooling device includes a sealed enclosure defined by at least first and second, spaced thermally conductive walls interconnected by side walls. One of the thermally conductive walls is adapted for interconnection in a thermally conductive relationship with the item desired to be cooled. ...