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The invention provides an apparatus and method for the ablation of cardiac electrically conductive tissue by laser photocoagulation. Reference points of cardiac tissue to be ablated are transvenously mapped. A laser balloon catheter having electrodes positioned on each lateral aspect of the balloon ...

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Compositions and methods of use for treating hepatitis C virus-infected mammals are disclosed. The compositions include one or more thymosins alone or in combination with one or more interferons. Methods of treatment include use of thymosins alone, or together, or sequentially with interferon.

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A method and contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of abscess. Granulocytes are separated from whole blood and incubated with an imaging vehicle such as magnetite. The granulocytes encapsulate the imaging vehicle and are suspended in an intravascularly administrable carrier to form the ...

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A method and apparatus creates gas-enriched fluid that is used to treat wastewater. In one embodiment, the wastewater is withdrawn from a supply of wastewater to be treated, and the wastewater is delivered in an atomized manner to a vessel pressurized with gas to form gas-enriched wastewater. The ga ...

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An apparatus (10) and method for delivering an oxygen-supersaturated physiologic solution (12) into a lumen (14) of a blood vessel (16) to replace arterial blood beyond an angioplasty catheter (18) during clinical angioplasty without bubble formation.

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A method of gasification of an environment having the characteristic of a low concentration of gas. The method is particularly suited for oxygenation of hypoxemic blood. The method comprises the steps of preparing a powdered oxygen hydrate; mixing the hydrate with powdered ice; pulverizing the mixtu ...

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The invention relates to methods of making monodisperse nanocrystals comprising the steps of reducing a copper salt with a reducing agent, providing a passivating agent comprising a nitrogen and/or an oxygen donating moitey and isolating the copper nanocrystals. Moreover, the invention relates to me ...

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A method for preparing heteroepitaxial diamond films on silicon substrates is described. This method first involves the deposition of a cubic boron nitride layer on the silicon substrate as a first interfacial layer using laser ablation with a hexagonal boron nitride target in the presence of a nitr ...

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A method and compositions including a 1,2-dioxetane and a fluorescent compound is described. In particular, enzymatic triggering of a triggerable 1,2-dioxetane admixed with a surfactant and the fluorescent compound attached to a hydrocarbon to provide a co-surfactant in a micelle or other structure ...

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A gas-enriched liquid delivered at a site of interest that is substantially bubble free after delivery into a lower pressure liquid or gas environment. The delivered gas-enriched liquid is produced by a process comprising the steps of: