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A digital dispenser aid device (10) of the type for use with a syringe (12) includes a housing (24). The syringe (12) can be fixedly mounted within a chamber (28) within the housing (24). A body member 54 includes a recessed portion (56) retaining the cap portion (22) of a plunger (20) therein. The ...

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Described is a method and apparatus for analyzing an organic sample. In the preferred embodiment, this method and apparatus allows the determination of the base sequence of a nucleic acid by determining the molecular weights of the components of a biological sample. The method uses either a pre-exis ...

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The present invention pertains to isolated DNA encoding avian interleukin-15 and to purified interleukin-15 polypeptides.

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The present invention includes a guidewire device capable of delivering perfusion fluids to a vascular site while at the same time exhibiting handling characteristics associated with existing non-perfusion guidewires. Preferred embodiments include a perfusion guidewire which closely matches the dime ...

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An automatic tachycardia detection assembly to be implanted in a person for stimulating the heart upon detection of abnormal tachycardias. The assembly includes an atrial sensor (16) and ventricular sensor (18) for sensing activity within the atria and ventricles of the heart, respectively. Also inc ...

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A gas-enriched fluid is provided by the combination of a first fluid, such as a patient's blood, with a second gas-supersaturated fluid, such as an oxygen supersaturated fluid. In this example, a catheter assembly includes a portion that receives the patient's blood from a pump and that re ...

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A confocal microscope comprises a focusing lens for focusing a light source onto a pin hole. The use of the lens for this purpose, when used within a confocal microscope apparatus, greatly reduces image artifacts and creates an increased transfer efficiently between the light source and the sample.

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