Roland J Mitchell: Fan drive hydraulic coupling. Wallace Murray Corporation, Thomas J Greer Jr, June 22, 1976: US03964582 (42 worldwide citation)

A fan drive structure for the cooling system of an internal combustion engine. A drive disc rotates within a housing cavity having a silicone oil therein. The housing carries a fan. The improvement comprising coating the sides of the drive disc with a polyphenylene sulfide material. The material coa ...

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Excellent abrasive materials are provided by incorporating between about 0.1 and 7.5 percent, preferably 0.25 and 5.0 percent, and optimally about 1.5 percent by weight of vanadium tetroxide into a material high in alumina content, such as bauxite, corundum and relatively pure alumina. The vanadium ...

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A saw blade having improved metal cutting characteristics in which the tip of each tooth is formed to provide a primary rake face extending from the tip of the tooth for a distance of 0.007 to 0.020 inch and having a positive rake angle of 12.degree. to 25.degree., a secondary rake face extending fr ...

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A fluid shear coupling apparatus is disclosed herein which includes a driving member received within a working chamber defined by a driven member. The driven member is mounted with needle bearings to a shaft portion of the driving member to have the members rotatable about a common axis. The driving ...

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A torsional vibration damper of the type having an outer inertia ring, a radially intermediate elastomer annulus, and a radially innermost hub. The polar moment of inertia of the entire damper is reduced by forming the hub of a low density material such as aluminum or plastic. The specific improveme ...

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A fluid-releasable mold for forming shaped ware including a porous mold body comprising at least 70% alumina, up to 15% ball clay and up to 15% talc is disclosed. A mold face is formed on one surface of the mold body and fluid-permeable conduit is provided in communication with a second surface of t ...

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A bearing structure including a bearing housing, a thrust sleeve retained within the bearing housing, a pair of bearing sleeves received within the bearing housing on opposite sides of the thrust sleeve, and a shaft received within the thrust sleeve and bearing sleeves. The thrust sleeve is retained ...

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A device for varying the operating characteristics of a turbocharger. A control ring is adjustably mounted within the turbine exhaust passage, adjacent and partially surrounding the exducer portion of the turbine impeller. Axial movement of the ring relative to the impeller changes the proportion of ...

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A band saw machine is provided with a guide for the blade which repeatedly moves the cutting reach of the blade laterally of its longitudinal axis and in the plane of the reach while the blade is advancing longitudinally to provide greatly improved sawing speed.

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A shear liquid fan drive assembly for radiator cooling system of an internal combustion engine of the type wherein a temperature responsive valve controls the degree of rotary coupling between the engine and a radiator cooling fan by controlling the quantity of shear liquid between a driving disc an ...