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The method involves providing a coupling force regulation working region within and smaller than the vehicle deceleration regulation working region and that is determined by the function value of a brake system in a normal operating state for defined loading states and stopping coupling force regula ...

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A functional contact operates through transmitter/receiver modules in a pulling vehicle (1) and a trailer (2). To recognize a relationship between the pulling vehicle and its trailer, the transmitter/receiver module (5) in the pulling vehicle transmits an ID signal via an antenna (7) to change the e ...

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On receiving a braking alert from the separation controller (22), the braking system (23,26-40) adopts a state of readiness for action.

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A process for determining the wheel radius ratios of a vehicle equipped with an anti-lock braking system uses the rotational speeds of the vehicle wheels to determine a vehicle drive slip value. This drive slip value and the driving force of the vehicle drive wheels are combined in a Kalman filter t ...

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A method for controlling a transmission in a motor vehicle by operation of a transmission control system which evaluates the actuating wishes of the driver and by an electrical/pneumatic adjusting device, permits rapid shifting of gears in a non-synchronized transmission. In certain cases, for examp ...

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The drive-away lock includes a security control device (10) and a engine control device (12) with stores (16, 18) for several different generally known key algorithms for different vehicle-relevant functions and/or command/information. The security control device sends an interrogation signal to the ...

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The invention relates to a pneumatic suspension unit for a vehicle, comprising pneumatic suspension bellows (3) and an electronically controlled level control unit (1), which aerates and bleeds the pneumatic suspension bellows (3) as required by means of an electrically operated valve device (6, 7, ...

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An actuating device for a brake unit of a vehicle EBS includes a tappet positioned in a housing of the brake unit for actuating a piston to operate a brake valve. A displacement sensor slide measures axial movement of the tappet. So that moving parts of the actuating device are guided with minimal f ...

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An air dryer cartridge (10) is provided with an inlet connectable to a compressed air source, an outlet connectable to a reservoir and a desiccant (18) provided intermediate the inlet and outlet adapted to remove moisture from air passing through the air dryer cartridge (10), wherein the air dryer c ...

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A method and system for preventing rollover of a vehicle train comprising a tractor vehicle and a trailer vehicle. A control system is provided in the tractor vehicle which automatically initiates actuation of the braking system of the tractor vehicle and/or of the trailer vehicle if a danger of rol ...