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HB polymers, such as copolymers of hydroxy butyric acid and hydroxy valeric acid, are provided as melt extruded films having a thickness of 5 to 200 .mu.m. Sheet materials may consist of such a film or the film may be laminated with other films to increase strength or impermeability. The films are b ...

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A method of initiating oxygen scavenging by compositions which comprise oxidizable organic compounds and transition metal catalysts is disclosed. The method comprises initiating scavenging by exposing the composition, etc., to radiation. The radiation exposure is preferably electron beam or ultravio ...

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An improved hydraulic cement and resultant hydraulic cement composition having an imidized acrylic polymer uniformly distributed therein.

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Products and film structures using the oxygen scavengers, are disclosed. Such products demonstrate enhanced shelf stability of foodstuffs and reduced sensitivity to humidity and temperature changes.

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Disclosed is a high abuse-resistance film suitable for making bags and pouches. The film has at least one layer comprising a linear copolymer of ethylene and an alpha-olefin with a density of about 0.935 g/cc or less. The copolymer has a comparatively lower I.sub.10 /I.sub.2 ratio than the correspon ...

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Disclosed is a heat-shrinkable film suitable for making bags and pouches. The film has at least one layer comprising a copolymer of ethylene and an alphaolefin with six or more carbon atoms per molecule, said copolymer having a density of about 0.910 g/cc of less and a melt index of about 2 or less.

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A package for extended storage and in-store display of fresh red meat is disclosed. Preferably the package is made by a vacuum skin packaging process wherein the forming web is a composite peelable film having a peelable oxygen barrier layer and an oxygen permeable skin layer which remains to enclos ...