Daniel Sinkoff: Video projection screen assembly. Vutec, Malloy & Malloy P A, February 20, 2001: US06191886 (51 worldwide citation)

A video projection screen assembly for the viewing of images projected thereon and designed to be selectively disposed between an exposed, expanded position for viewing and a collapsed position for storage. A viewing screen is mounted on and supported by a support frame structured to dispose and mai ...

Charles Realmuto: Screen projection apparatus. Vutec Corporation, Edward H Loveman, October 4, 1994: US05353152 (15 worldwide citation)

A screen projection apparatus includes a housing within which a pair of projection screens are stored in a rolled position on motor driven rollers. A pair of access doors are mounted on the housing and support an idler roller over which a screen passes. The access doors open, one at a time, and the ...

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